Colours in the Dark

21 Nov 2011 – A Compassionate & Humane Movie!

Fri: the German Film Festival took place all of last week but only managed to catch one movie on Fri. Tkx to AmyR we not only got to see this movie, we also got caught up with our latest happenings and gossips over dinner 🙂

Satte Farben vor Schwarz/Colours in the Dark**** Married for 50yrs, Anita & Fred can look back at a fulfilling past. Fred becomes terminally ill and takes some liberties, which Anita interprets as an affront and she starts to question their relationship. The last weeks in the life of a loving couple which concludes for me what I consider a humane ending, the freedom of choice! Beautiful and compassionate.

Sat: a stroll to the corner coffee shop( takes 3mins) for an ice-coffee/excellent local coffee with condensed milk  for S$1. Nasi lemak/coconut fragrant rice with chili, eggs and fish wrapped in banana leaf. Adding 2 pieces of otak-otak/minced fish wrapped in palm leaf and grilled. Yummy for S$2, total S$3. Eco-friendly eating and no washing up! (eat with hands) 🙂 🙂

Have been having problems to access the blog on and off, rather frustrating. Trying to rest and recover from one of the worst coughs ever experienced. These coughs take up so much energy 🙁

Sun: dinner with Clem (celebrating his new job) and his branch of the family. It is difficult to get everyone together, even in this branch. Bro Steven/Onn was out of town, sis-in-law Poh Kit is next to me in pix. Nieces and nephews Vince&Annie, Judy and Daisy are into their 40s and Clem will soon be 40!  The 3 grand nephews, Stanley (15), Darryl (12) and Andrew (4) are the ones who really make me feel my age.

Tkx Clem for including me@Redhouse Seafood/Robertson Quay***Appreciations to Daisy for driving me back to the East Coast.

Interesting places and trendy designs@Robertson Quay! Have an interesting and wonderful week ahead.

Life seems but a quick succession of busy nothings – Jane Austen

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    • Hey Ting, we missed you Mon night but good of KiWi to arrange the spontaneous get together otherwise now hectic hectic until???

      If only I could cough enough to get the stomach fat to be muscles… LOL 🙂

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