What is it with Jet Lag!

13 Nov 2011 – And voices from the past…

Jet lag can be one of the worst consequences of long distance travel. Also called desynchronosis=out of time, it occurs when travellers pass through multiple time zones, arriving several hours ahead or behind our ‘home’ time. One major problem is that the body’s struggle between emotional energy and physical lethargy. While the mind is able to process the change in time and location relatively quickly, the body is slower to respond. Certainly does not get easier with an aging body 🙂

Sat: not feeling my usual self with this jet-lag blues but this too shall pass! Met up with Kitty FADLU-DEEN who I have not seen since 1968 when I was her baby-sitter in Dublin/Ireland. Missed her when she was visiting SIN the past 2yrs. She now lives in Sierra Leone/Africa with her husband Deen. The baby I used to baby-sit, Yasmin is age 43! now lives and work at UN in NYC. Thanks to Les & Ivy for dinner and getting us together.

Sun: got up bright and early. Decided to take a walk and have some breakfast at the local market. After the walk, got caught with much buzz, Cleaners’ Free Day-Kindness in Action! Took pix but decided not to linger in the crowds. Headed home to take a nap instead!

Met with Pui-Ah REYNOLDS who is here on her yearly visit. She will be flying back to Vancouver tomorrow and who knows where we will be next year!! Thanks for lunch@The Carlton Hotel where she is staying with a view and also where a major car accident happened early this morning on Victoria St. Safe journeys home and hope that our paths will cross either here or in Canada 2012.

Was pouring cats & dogs on the way back, dozing in the bus and nearly missed the stop! Am feeling under the weather with a runny nose and sore throat. Must try to stay awake until 2200hrs (struggling to stay awake for one more hour!) and hope for at least 8hrs of uninterrupted sleep for tonight.

[(--)]ZZzzz… one can always hope 🙂 🙂

Jet lag is your soul trying to catch up after flying – Ryan Ross

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