Worlds Five Best Shopping Cities!

3 Nov 2011 – Aisle 10…

According to the website below, the worlds 5 best shopping cities are: Hong Kong, Singapore, Delhi, London and New York! For someone who dislikes shopping as much as I do, have been to 4 out of those 5 cities. Not for the shopping, but to visit family and friends!

Shopping here in Irmo gives another dimension to shopping. The comfort, space and service are just better than many other places experienced. Shopping is one of the least favourite things on my list but sometimes it has to be done. Try to do it here and mail packages to myself in SIN when I need to buy gifts.

When in SIN, the crowds and heat are good reasons to stay in the flat. Will only shop or go anywhere when there are no crowds. It would literally be hell for me to be in crowds!

In Norway, everything is so expensive that even shopping for the necessities is barely manageable! Fun only to window shop.

Do not mind going to the grocery stores (except weekends and holidays), even just to look around to see what is new! Here is a good example and where else in the world can you find such a selection like this aisle 10… LOL

Too many people spend money they haven’t earned, to buy things they don’t want, to impress people they don’t like – Will Smith

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