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31 Oct 2010 – Trick or Treat

Pictures of Linn & May‘s 1987 Halloween in Long Beach, CA/USA. 1985 the 1st Halloween in USA, May was even afraid to go Trick or Treating until she discovered that people gave her candies! Those were the days when parents had to check through all the candies as there were some psychopaths lacing candies with drugs etc then. Will not bother to go into the origins etc of Halloween. Just let the kids enjoy the Trick of Treating without bringing religion into it. The ancient Celtic times, this celebration is to observe the end of the harvest season and that is a perfectly good enough reason for me. Thus Happy Pumpkin Day!

A pleasant surprise treat yesterday: Linda (TANG Pui Chung) & Alfred TAY called to say that they are in SIN for a wedding. Linda‘s mother is my father’s first cousin (our parents’ father, ie our grandfathers LAM Ji Chiew & LAM Song Kee were brothers). When our mothers played mahjong in the 1950s, Linda and I would be running around playing@5Temenggong Rd. Her brothers played with Les who has not seen Linda or her brothers over 40yrs! The TANGS immigrated to CA in the early 1960s. Appreciations to Linda & Alfred who kindly and graciously helped me to settle in when I moved to CA in 1985.

Thank you to Les & Ivy for hosting dinner@Sentosa Golf Club and for a lovely weekend@Sentosa Cove. Managed to enjoy a good walk and swim yesterday morning. Les just got his tonsils out on Fri as they discovered some stones, very unusual but was informed that nothing too serious. Hope this will stop his throat irritations. According to Ivy, he must be one of the world’s eldest tonsillectomy patient 🙂

Next week is going to be one hectic week. Auntie Winnie arrived from HI on Fri, Paul arrived from L’don tonight (another treat!) and some Canadian friend of friend arrives tomorrow!

A grandmother pretends she doesn’t know who you are on Halloween –
Erma Bombeck

4 thoughts on “Voice from the Past

  1. Ah, I was just thinking of catching up with you over tea or something when I realised you’re going to be so busy! We’ll do so when you have time.

  2. Ting… would certainly like to catch up before the year is over. U are the busy one working. Give me a date, time etc.

  3. Do you remember Beverly from the last picnic at Botanic Gardens? We’re planning to celebrate her birthday, picnic style, on either 13 or 14th Nov afternoon. She mentioned about you last Saturday and it would be nice if you could see her again. WIll keep you posted on the date, time and place.

  4. Of course I remember Beverly. SMS me as to when & where. Will be staying w my bro for the weekend.

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