33 Chileans & LIU Xiaobo

15 Oct 2010 – Happy Reunions

Hope: the worst thing to be without! For the 33 Chilean miners and their families hope was all they had and Faith is their greatest asset. Thank goodness, their Love, the most powerful force in life kept their Hope & Faith going during the 69 days of ordeal being trapped in a copper & gold mine. Congratulations and good job to the recuse team and to the 33 miners, please continue doing what you were doing during your worst nightmares, ie to encourage and support each other.

BEIJING: Oct 14 (Xinhua) – A Chinese professor on Thursday lambasted the Nobel Committee’s decision to grant this year’s Nobel Peace prize to Liu Xiaobo, saying it was part of an endeavor by western powers to push their version of democracy onto China by awarding the prize to a prisoner convicted by a court of justice in China… The Norwegian Nobel Committee announced the decision to give this year’s Peace prize to Liu on Oct. 8. China responded by saying that awarding the Nobel Peace prize to China’s Liu desecrated the award and could harm China-Norway ties.

When even a Peace Prize becomes political, then where and what is peace?

Thu: here in Manoa David & I have also decided to do a celebration to life with a steak dinner. Thanks to Akira, Huang, Kim and Cynthia for enjoyable company. Thank you to Jennifer & her parents for stopping by with fresh tuna… one of the most priced fish when the quality is like what we received, indeed a very touching gesture.

Peace cannot be kept by force; it can only be achieved by understanding –
Albert Einstein

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