Grandchildren R the Best

4 Oct 2010 – Delta Airlines with D- Service!

Condolences to the LEE Family for the passing of Madam KWA Geok Choo, the wife of Minister Mentor LEE Kuan Yew, SIN’s first Prime Minister and the builder of SIN.

Fri: had a nice lunch@10 Downing**** with Kat before the shuttle pick-up. The traffic was back to back on this grey Fri afternoon. To think that I even worked for Delta Airlines many years ago, today’s service is just appalling. Flight from NYC/Laguardia to CAE/Columbia, SC was first delayed and later cancelled. Unfortunately the airports in NYC are not designed for the comforts of passengers 🙁 Delta claimed that since the delays and cancelled flight was due to weather conditions, they were unable to provide me with a hotel room. As it was I was coming down with a bad cold & sore throat and no sleep for a night did not help.

Sat: Instead of arriving CAE Fri night, I arrived Sat late morning. So much for airlines in the USA. Usually I fly budget airlines and have yet to encounter much delays or such rude service! Had to fly via Atlanta and there are some amazing sculpture displays at the airport near the main terminal: Zimbadwe Sculpture/A Tradition in Stone.

Sun: Struggling to fight my cough and cold but thank goodness for the 4 lovely grandchildren who are giving me a good dose of encouragement. Katy (soon 9yrs) read to me, Ellie (5yrs) served me pancakes for breakfast, JohnW (4yrs next month) making funny faces & jokes, Sophie oh Sophie (18months), she is as cute as a button, Linn’s yummy stew and butternut squash soup – the perfect food for a sore throat. Jeff took the children to Sunday School and church so that Linn & I could catch up. Later he drove to Atlanta (app 4hrs drive) for a Tropical Medicine Conference and he will surely be missed for the next two days.

Cherish your human connections… your relationships with family and friends – Barbara Bush

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  2. Oh your grandchildren are so cute! Have a great time in SC, and hope the weather is nice where you are.

  3. Hi Viv… weather is fantastic, clear blue sky warm in the day and cool fall nights here in Columbia, SC. Is it getting cold where you are in Oregon?

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