24 Sep 2010 – Polače/Mljet

Tue: 0600hrs ferry from Korčula to Orebic/app 10mins, 2hrs drive from Orebic to Dubrovnik and 1.30hrs ferry from Dubrovnik to Mljet- the most southerly and easterly of the larger Adriatic islands of the Dalmatia region. Mljet is of volcanic origin, with numerous chasms and gorges, of which the longest, the Babino Polje, connects the north and south of the island.

Port Polače, the principal harbour in the north, is a port of call for tourist ferry. The National Park, built in 1960 lies on the western part of the island covering an area of 54 sq km. Stayed in Polače/pop 123 at a B&B located by the edge of the National Park and the last house numbered 46! Walked 4km to Pomena/pop 50 as Ian did not bring his swimming trunks and had to buy a new pair there! Yummy dinner of wild boar with local wine back in Polače@Antika****

Wed: Mljet was discovered by ancient Greco-Roman geographers, who wrote the first records and descriptions/6th century BC. The Benedictines became the feudal lords of the island in 1151, having come from Monte Gargano in Italy. They came ashore, built and donated to them the Church and Monastery of St Mary on the islet in the Big Lake (1187–1198). Walked from Polače to Pristaniste, ferry to St Mary, ferry back to Pristaniste, walked to Soline where 4 families live in that village. After lunch continued walking uphill but unfortunately the map is incorrect and we made a turn half way up the hill instead of continuing straight 🙁 Thank goodness the delicious dinner@Antika(fish stew & kid/baby goat made up for that extra 2hrs walk) 🙂

Thu: relaxing morning swimming and reading. Kenson was rather perturbed about losing his hat yesterday but thank goodness he found it early this morning. Ferry left Mljet 1600hrs arriving 1730hrs in Dubrovnik. Staying in a 16th century mansion/Pension Ivana with a lovely garden outside the old city. An evening guided tour in the old city to celebrate the full moon festival (Chinese Lunar calendar)!

No matter how far you have gone on a wrong road, turn back – Turkish Proverb

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