20 Sep 2010 – Hvar & Korčula

Sat: ferry from Split to Hvar took app 1.30hrs with a wedding group making merry and drinking when the ferry took off at 1130hrs. Hvar is app 68km/42.25mi long, known for its exports of lavender and rosemary production for the French perfume industry. An afternoon is not much time but then, there was not much to see! Left Hvar 1815hrs, arrived into Korčula town 1930hrs.

It was dark by the time the ferry docked and we were met by our taxi driver who drove us app 15mins away from the town center to Lumbarda. According to legend, the island was founded by Trojan hero Antenor in the 12th century BC who is also famed as the founder of the city of Padua.

Sun: walked around Lumbarda and its surroundings with the lighthouse being the most southern end of the island (over 10km app 5hrs including a lunch and swim stop). The are plenty of vineyards in this area and the most important settlement dated 3rd century BC/ruins by the church. It was indeed a refreshing 1hr swim (clear salty water of the Adriatic Sea) across and back in the tiny bay where our accommodations are located/app 10mins walk from the center of Lumbarda.

Mon: a day in Korčula old city was delightfully charming and seems like Peggy, Kenson & I are the only Asians here! The old city with it’s Renaissance & Gothic architecture is surrounded by walls. The streets are arranged in a herringbone pattern allowing free circulation of air but protecting against strong winds. Korcula is tightly built on a promontory that guards the narrow sound between the island and the mainland. Building outside the walls was forbidden until the 18th century and the wooden drawbridge was only replaced in 1863. All of Korčula’s narrow streets are stepped with the notable exception of the street running alongside the southeastern wall. The street is called the Street of Thoughts as one did not have to worry about the steps!

The tomatoes here must be the best I have ever tasted and the seafood has so far been deliciously fresh. We have also been blessed with perfect weather… hopefully this will continue!

The Mediterranean as it once was – tag-line for Croatia

3 thoughts on “Korčula/Croatia

  1. Like you I was amazed to know that Korcula, Croatia was so Italian like, and that Marco Polo was born there. But the world is never the same for long and this part of the world was part of the Venetian world some time ago. Of course it is understandable when one remembers the great sailor and adventurers they were.

    It has as well, many old and antiquated libraries from where tales tell us much of the knowledge was kept safe during the Dark Ages of Europe. This knowledge coming from the great age of the Muslim world. Where would we have been without the understanding of 0?

    Love your understanding and sharing of it Amy. Thx

  2. My knowledge in this part of the world is very limited, thus interesting and educational to be here. Korčula is supposed to be Marco Polo’s birth place but has yet to be proven!

    Also nice to be somewhere not yet over-crowded by tourist yet!! Now in Dubrovnik and it is a different story!!!

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