Wedding at Trollheimen

23 Aug 2010 – Trollheimen/Home of the Troll

Sat: Guri & Hans Olav’s wedding started with a rainbow. What a romantic and beautiful day for this wonderful couple and such an honour to be there with family & friends of the bride & groom. The wedding started at 1200n with a church service, touching speeches, delicious food (trout, smoked-roast lamb and berries all specially made from the farm), good wines etc & dancing at the barn until 0400hrs! Best wishes and good luck to their future.

During the Christian era, pagan shrines and grave-mounds were replaced by churches and chapels. Lønset Church where the service was held is one of the five rural churches built at that time. Heather and alpine meadows provide grazing for sheep in the summer in this region. 1,161 km² of the mountains has been held since time immemorial as a almenning/collective by farmers in the area, giving them the right to hunt, fish, and rent cabins.

The climate is harsh here, even by Norwegian standards (we were blessed with sunshine today). Among other things, snakes have never made it this area, a place for me… not 🙂 Main industries today are agriculture, tourism and some light manufacturing. It has the largest sheep population in Norway, with 45,000 heads of sheep put out to graze in the mountains every year. It is one of Norway’s best ski-resorts and is surrounded by national parks.

Cocktails & dinner in the barn

Kodah moments with May, Marianne, Roar, Anne & Amund.

A memorable wedding day ending with dessert/the wedding cake + at least 10 other kinds of cakes, drinks, dance and dreamland for me 🙂

A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person – Mignon McLaughlin

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