15 Jul 2010 – Orchids/Level 4

Have promised a co-worker that I will try my best to upload some pictures for those who are unable to attend the show. Attempting to do this with a system according to the category: orchid, flora arrangement, bonsai, landscape and stalls in the market place; there will probably be some misplacement of a picture here and then! Do not think there will be time to video but will also try if possible. In the meanwhile, the opening is today at 10.00hrs… good luck to all the stalls, especially Island Republic and hope to make plenty of sales 🙂

The judging was completed yesterday for both Levels 4 & 6 at Suntec. Pictures uploaded today were taken last night and are all located on Level 4 at the Orchid Show Section. This section is an appreciation for the work of the Orchid Society of SE Asia/OSSEA’s committee, members and volunteers. Congratulations to an excellent job.

Pictures are taken at random and not because they are winners but some are winners for either their societies, schools or individual.

To be continued…

2 thoughts on “SGF/2

  1. I was there yesterday and was really impressed with the amount of effort put in by the organiser and participants of the show. From the entrance to the displays, everything is awesome!

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