14 Jul 2010 – Singapore Garden Festival at Suntec Levels 4 & 6

Definitely worth the time and money. Opening to the public tomorrow Thu 15 July 2010 from 10am – 10pm, ending Thu 22 July. Highly recommended and see it the first few days when the flowers are still fresh. Bring your mothers to enjoy the show.

These pictures posted are only a tiny taste as the whole set-up was not completed when I took the pictures last night. More picture postings when I get the chance later and during the show. Was informed that there are app 27,000 stalks of the Oncidium Golden Shower/yellow orchid from the elevator to the entrance on level 4. If I ever get married again, will do so during the SGF so that I can walk this aisle 🙂

6th floor International Landscapes

4th floor Orchid Show and Market Place

This year, will be taking care of a new novelty gift stall Island Republic@The Market Place 4th Floor Zone A Stall 28. This is the 3rd show (bi-annually) and if I may say so, it is quite spectacular after the teething problems for the first show which I help set up in 2004. Hope to see you there and to wish you a Happy Summer. After the show… off to EU & the USA and will not be back in SIN until Oct/Nov.

Some are incredibly beautiful — almost magical. [A Cattleya orchid] … only blooms when it’s motivated. I’ve had it for 10 years now. Sometimes I wonder why I keep it. I’ve forgotten what it looks like so I’ll just wait and see when it does decide to bloom – Eleanor Mis

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