16 Jul 2010 – Floral Designers, Penjing& Artistic Stone/Level 4

Will never be able to judge the 7th International FDSS CUP Floral Designing Competition (a professional & amateur category). All the displays and set-ups have so far been a feast to my eyes. Apologies for not taking pictures of only the winners and for not naming the winners. Just snapping pictures for my eyes and hope that you readers will enjoy them as much as I do.

Penjing & Artistic Stone: Penjing is the Chinese art of creating a miniature landscape, delicate and fascinating. An artist may use plant material and natural stone to portray an idylllic mountain retreat with a murmuring brook or a waterscape with a lush tropical island. Or he or she may design a much simpler scene where one single tree makes up the entire composition. Penjing and bonsai are closely related art forms. Penjing is the older form from which bonsai derived.

to be continued…

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