The Full Monty

25 Jun 2010 – Happy Bdays to nephews John & Clement LAM & YY Huang

This morning, SIN was again flooded by the heavy rains. Was on the bus for 1hr to get to my dentist appointment, no major delays except for some minor flooding at some junctions… will try to remember to write in to the PUB about those weak drainages. But there were other major flooding which caused much traffic delay. Flood photo credits to MARSHALL & NEO.

Thanks to Clement, got to watch an entertaining musical last night. Am not a broadway musical fan but did enjoy the movie and wanted to see this local production. 3hrs was slightly on the long side but Adrian PANG being one of my favourite local performers did a good job to keep the show moving. Here he plays the main character where the musical is located in USA, not in the UK like the movie.

Based on a British comedy movie in 1997, The Full Monty***** tells the story of six unemployed men, who decide to form a male striptease act  in order to gather enough money to get somewhere else and for main character Gaz to be able to see his son. Gaz declares that their show will be better because they’ll go the full monty— strip all the way, hence the film’s title. Despite being a comedy, the film also touches on serious subjects such as unemployment, fathers’ rights, depression, impotence, homosexuality, working-class culture and suicide.

For as long as I care to remember, religion, like the striptease, has always been a display of the power of suggestion. Like the Virgin Birth, it has all too often supported an immaculate deception – Bernard Katz

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