Central-Quarry Bay

19 Apr 2010 – I ‘m back… in SIN!

Sat: delicious dim-sum lunch**** unable to provide the name of the place (cannot read Chinese… no joke!) or take anyone there but thanks to Henry & John, I am introduced to the best Cantonese cusine. Chinese food often taste better than the looks and presentations while Japanese food is the other way round! Had to walk the rest of the day to let all this sumptuous food digest. Love to snap pictures of the old and new. The contrast is a constant reminder that every situation and story have their flip-sides!!

St John’s Cathedral (built 1849) against Bank of China (built 1990).

Night scenes from Gough Street area

Sun: the tram also known as dingding is the best way to see any city. Here in HKG, it is inexpensive (HK$2) and being on the upper deck commands a good view; in addition, it does not move too fast. Quarry Bay@Happy Restaurant***** had the best black vinegar chicken… to die for! Pleasant day to walk by the coast around TaiKoo Shing and Quarry Bay Park where people were fishing and enjoying their Sun. Appreciations to Henry & John who knew how I hate crowds, and took great consideration to that when choosing eateries & places of interest. How can I ever thank them enough for their hospitality and graciousness. Henry LIM, wishing him all the best with his job and stay in HKG and JohnWT CHENG, all the luck for his business ventures.

People living deeply have no fear of death – Anais Nin