Good Friday

2 Apr 2010 – Betrayal & Crucifixion in AD33

Arrived back in SIN Tue evening, met with Garry ROGERS who was passing by from Australia. Had a great evening catching up with ‘another ageing non-conformist’ 🙂 his words! Thanks for the champagne and the delightful company. Garry has recently built a house in Bali and I am looking forward to taking up his invitation to visit. Relaxing Wed morning, updating mail etc. Later at the office to drop off the lapis in the afternoon and bday dinner with Jo & her family.

May, the adorable and cheeky 31yrs young second daughter managed to pull an April Fool on me over the phone from Norway yesterday! So good to hear her voice and that she is out enjoying nature up in some mountains skiing for the Easter break. Met up for a long breakfast with Lynne ONG, married MICHAELS who is here visiting her son & family. Lynne & I go a long way back… classmate & friend from 1962. She now lives in Cornwall with her husband and hopes to visit her there sometime this year!

Dinner at Buko Nero****@ Tanjong Pager. Italian restaurant with simple decor, managed and owned by a couple, Tracy & Oscar. The food is good for the value, unfortunately I was not allowed to take any pictures of the dishes. While waiting, read Her World and strangely this restaurant is featured in April’s issue. The signature dish Tau Kwa Tower is from the magazine. Have tried to get there a couple of times but there was never an available space in these 20 seats for my big butt! Wise to call and make a reservation, at least a couple of months ahead!

Apr Special Dates:

2 Apr – Happy Bday Marianne HUSTAD

4 Apr – Happy Bday Richard YUNG, Happy Easter and ChingMing

5 Apr – Happy Bday Shirley TONG

12 Apr – Happy Bday Peggy TAN

15 Apr – Happy Bday Lynne ONG/MICHEALS & Aileen KOH

17 Apr – Happy Bdays Anne STENSETH, Sharon KOH & Sara LAM

22 Apr – Happy Bday Ike BOROWSKY

29 Apr – Happy Bday Stanley LAM

30 Apr – Happy Bday JohnWT CHENG

1 April is the day upon which we are reminded of what we are on the other three hundred and sixty-four – Mark Twain