A Tale of Love & Adventure

22 Mar 2010 – Ramayana Revisited

The Peranakan Museum exhibits the most famous works of ancient India where Prince of Ayodhya with an army of monkeys recuse his wife from the King of Lanka… universal and timeless concepts of love, honour, deceit and duty! In this exhibition, the 7 chapters are illustrated with beautiful shadow puppets which are my high points.

There were some slight miscommunication over the weekend. Thought that the Tubbs told me that they will be back on Sun morning. My original plans for Sat was, first Stanley‘s swimming competition, then pay respect at my parents’ crematorium (around the same area as SSS) and meet AmyR at the Peranaken Museum. As it turned out, Stanley had a fever and could not swim. The Tubbs arrived Sat morning in the pouring rain and we had a relaxing morning. After the museum with AmyR, it was perfect to walk around CHIJMES (my old school), Arab Street and Little India under the cool cloudy skies. Believe it or not but 3 cups of green tea at Raffles Ah Ting’s Cafe cost over S$40! Somehow it does NOT justify that kind of price but there are other ways to get even 🙂

Sun at the airport. Janice, being an ex-airline employee travels on space available. Fortunately they got on their flight to BKK and hope that they managed their connection to LAX. Safe journeys to them and hope that we will not wait for another 10 years before our next meeting. It was so nice to catch up and we had such fond memories from my FL days. Had quite a shopping spree and experience at T3 as there is no GST(7%) at some of the shops. Joined the Changi Rewards Club (no charge or fees), a point system. For a non-shopper like me, this is quite a change…

The odds of going to the store for a loaf of bread and coming out with only a loaf of bread are three billion to one – Erma Bombeck

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