Being Human

12 Mar 2010 – The Jack Neo Scandal

Jack NEO’s latest SIN-based movie Being Human/做人** is showing. Unfortunately or fortunately news of his 2-year affair came to light recently as well. This local news would not have made the news outside of the SE Asia region. Being human reflects on us all, but most of us are anonymous, unlike Tiger WOODS and all the other public figures whose affairs have been in the news. Did they not think of the consequences first if they did not want their private life out in the public? Having a difficult time to understand why they misuse & destroy their fame when they have either been blessed with a talent or have worked hard for their dreams.

The movie was just about to be released before his affair became public but I had already decided to see the movie before the scandal. Do try my best to see the local movies as long as no violence and horror. Most have been entertaining, especially Forever Fever & Singapore Dreaming but to really get into them, one must understand Singlish otherwise the gist is lost in translation and this one is no exception.

Have always enjoyed Mark LEE and he plays an unethical slimming centre owner whose unscrupulous business methods lead to a chain of consequences. The message here is that you reap what you sow, perhaps the director did not think that this also applies to him! It is interesting to see how the movie’s ending scene changed when fast rewinding back to the beginning scenario with a different twist resulting with a predictable ending. I thought for a second I saw Jack NEO in one of the scenes as a waiter! The Cantonese word for a waiter=four-gay and with a slight mis-pronunciation four-geir=turkey 🙂

Have a wonderful weekend!

Nothing is more pleasurable than to sit in the shade, sip gin and contemplate other people’s adulteries and while the wormy apple of marriage still lives, the novel will not die – John Skow