Janice & Tom

7 Mar 2010 – Visitors from Florida

Janice TUBBS and I go way back to Linn’s Middle & High School days in Florida where she roped me into the PTA!  Scott & Linn were classmates and have been friends ever since. My first meeting with the TUBBS was an exciting one… Linn’s bday party when I dropped her bday cake, no joke! Linn reminded me of it when they celebrated my 60th with two cakes incase I drop one of them and also 60 candles could not fit onto one cake 🙂

This is the TUBBS first visit to SIN and I have not met up with them since I left Florida nearly 12 years ago. They are here on route to their 2 weeks cruise around this region. So delighted to be able to catch up and show them around… real sport of them to walk the East Coast Parkway the first evening after landing. One of May’s favourite chicken dish here , Samsui Ginger Chicken is also Janice’s favourite plus Yak Kun’s Kaya toast. Janice asked what is the official language of SIN. The answer is in the picture with intimidating gun pointing to the official languages 🙂 🙂

The first time I saw anyone off a cruise was at the exact same sport in 1956/57. Brother Lawrence was on his way to London to further his studies and the only means of transportation was by ship then. We were able to board the ship to see his cabin and also to see where how he would be living for the duration on board, about 1 month. The ship sailed and colour streamers were thrown down to us who were waving our goodbyes; the bagpipe band was playing and mother was in tears.

A picture is worth a thousand words – Napoleon Bonaparte

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