Mid-Air Drama

2 Feb 2010 – Safe & Sound in SIN!

Thank you to Linn & Jeff for a delightful stay and for having to put-up with me. To May, good luck with her new job. To both Linn & May, appreciations for all the preparations and for my 60th Bday celebrations which will always be cherished with happy memories. Happy Bday to Cathrine HALD  (Linn & May’s aunt in Norway), who was less than a year when I first met her in 1968.

6lbs overweight in my luggage- instead of paying US$90 for overweight, unloaded 6lbs of chocolate and bought a new carry-on bag at the CAE airport (sale price of US$7). Was thinking to ask if they will overlook the 6lbs since my size is not your usual Americans! Decided not to incase the check-in people had a bad Sat night and Sun 0630hrs is not the best time to provoke anyone!!

Sat night in CAE with freezing temperatures, thus flight NW 9650/DL 5553 (Canadair Regional Jet/CRJ commuter jet) was delayed due to dicing. When we were about to land in ATL, the metal casing from the lights above the window fell. Was sitting on the aisle seat when I heard the noise and grabbed the pole just before it was about to land on my neighbour’s head, who was sitting by the window seat. Never knew I still have those reflexes 🙂 Perhaps it was because I did not have on head-phones and my hearing is still intact 🙂 🙂 Usually have ear-plugs and eye-shades on the long haul flights but not with flights under 2hrs. Thank goodness there was enough layover time to catch the ATL-NRT flight.

Flight NW 5801/DL 801 taxi out on the runway in time but had to turn back as one of the passengers did not feel well for the 14hrs flight. Had to wait in the plane while the passenger deplaned and the unloading of her/his luggage. In spite of all this we landed at NRT on time, only to be told that we are unable to deplane as there was another sick passenger and we had to wait until the ambulance and emergency unit could get this sick passenger off first. Saw that they had to make do with blankets to carry this passenger out by the emergency exit where the ambulance parked waiting. Accompanying this sick passenger was an elderly woman. Could not help thinking if the sick passenger might have been her husband. Thought about taking my camera out but that would be in poor taste! Do remember vaguely hearing an announcement for a medical person in mid-air; by then I have had a cocktail, wine with the meal and sleeping aid with dessert. The ear-plugs and eye-shades were in their places.

Again, enough time to catch NW 619 connection. At present a safe zombie back in SIN on time. Witnessing all this within 24hrs are reminders as to how fortunate my travels have been and hopefully will continue so, considering the amount I travel! Today I received my ezLink Senior Citizen card, which is good for local transportation with bus & MRT in SIN… yippee now I can take the bus for 0.69cents and MRT for 0.68-0.91cents anywhere in SIN as long as not during rush-hours.

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