14 Dec 2009 – Happy Birthday to Ingrid HUSTAD in Norway

Have been back from CBR for a week and still have not unpacked yet… surge of low energy or perhaps just lazy! Anyway why bother to unpack when I have to be off again next month? Kenson commented that I have a monotonous wardrobe when traveling, but when one is on the go every month, it is easier to keep it that way. Especially when I usually have no check-in luggage and public transport is my mode of transportation.

Spent Sun with Linda LANDERS who was in SIN for a job interview. We met at the SIN Art Museum/SAM Dome Cafe (formally Les‘s old school, St Joseph’s Institution) early in the year where I was having tea and she joined my table. She is from Sydney but at present working as an art teacher in KL/Malaysia. Thanks to Les & Ivy for brunch. Good to catch up with Michael CHUA & TEO Kim Beng, Albert‘s brother & brother-in-law who will be off to CBR with their families for the holidays. Safe journeys to all.

So convenient to discover that the new local grocery, Shop n Save and it opens 24hrs. Long gone are the days when I had to lug cartons of milk to last for the Christmas or Easter when shops in Norway closed for many days during the holidays. While shopping at the vicinity of the Marine Terrace Market, I stumbled upon the Year-End Block Party cum Christmas Celebrations. Nice to see the grassroots enjoying the evening’s entertainment with Senior Minister GOH Chok Tong as the Guest-of-Honour. No, I did not gate-crash the party 🙂 These shots were taken from outside the fenced-off area! SM may keep his balloons, I want the kid’s light sable… but a bigger one 🙂 🙂

An inflated balloon, impressive to look at but hollow at the core and easily punctured – Diane Feinstein

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