CBR Highlights

2 Dec 2009 – Places of Interest

CBR is a city full of interesting things to see and do. It is neat and clean and everything is laid out systematically. Unable to recover my own pictures, but will keep trying and will post them when and if I am successful.

National Gallery more than 100,000 works of art including the history of indigenous art from the earliest to the most recent. The beautiful outdoor Sculpture Garden would be an ideal picnic spot and for ET to phone home on this lovely sunny day.

The design of National Portrait Gallery is inspired by the notion that the proportion of a building should correspond to that of a person. Hard-wearing terrazzo and concrete paving are used internally and externally, with inlay strips of stones from each State & Territory and timbers from around the country. The tasteful building compliments the cafe***  food and the gifts sold in the store.

Along the shores of Lake Burley Griffin, one can find International Flags Display. There are more than 80 flags dedicated to the United Nations to represent every country with which Australia has diplomatic relations. They are flown 24hrs a day and are lit at night. It was festive to see all those flags flapping in the wind, especially when I spotted the SIN flag!

National Botanic Gardens on a beautiful clear day and a yummy lunch at the Gardens Cafe***

Black Mountains Tower/870m above sea-level with 360 degrees view of CBR. No skyscrapers in this capital. SIN must be so envious of all this land & open space 🙂

Australian Institute of Sport/AIS opened 1981, world-class training facility with 350 resident athletes where Kiera is learning to swim.

Ottoman Cuisine**** Thank you Albert for a delicious fine-dining, the best Turkish meal I have had outside of Turkey & London.