Blogging And Troll’s Brain

trolls-brain-and-memory5 Nov 2009 – Memory

Thank you to Charles CHONG for Tue’s lunch and to Jane TAY for last night’s dinner in the delightful company of Connie & Tee Chiu.

Why blog? A friend asked that question of me and a good one too. Sometimes the memory is only good with the help of pictures and notes made at that moment! When traveling, making notes and dating the pictures taken then is a way to remember, otherwise the memory fades and info/data from then weakens or vanishes. Even the MB of a computer is limited but one can choose to delete what is useless, thus making room for new useful info. If only we could do that to our memory…

Up to today, the first telephone number 83192 from early 1950s at 5 Temenggong Rd still sticks in the memory. That data is useless now and would prefer to remember my present number. Unable to understand why it cannot be deleted? Blogging helps me to remember but other reasons are to acknowledge and update family & friends (ie to those who are interested to know) as to my what & whereabouts

When situations are documented with words and pictures, they somehow seemed to trigger flashbacks or impressions when reading and looking back at them. According to George Bernard Shaw: we are made wise not by the recollection of our past, but by the responsibility for our future. But how can one move on to the future without remembering? Moving on is a process of remembering, learning and letting go of the past (at least the parts which are no longer constructive to hold on to!). Thus giving room to be responsible of our future to learn more.

Slowing Down Memory Loss Naturally

  • Foods rich in anti-oxidants such as fruits and vegetables. Many brightly colored fruits such as blueberries, raspberries and strawberries are high in anti-oxidants. Eating these can help cleanse your system, which can help slow down memory loss that is accompanied with aging.
  • Lowering your sugar intake.
  • Omega 3 Fatty Acids that are found in fish and can also be taken in supplement form have shown improvements in mental functioning.
  • Regular exercise, including cardiovascular workouts like running and walking, can help to keep the mind sharp.

Blogging is using a new medium for what it is good for, connecting and interacting – George Siemens

2 thoughts on “Blogging And Troll’s Brain

  1. Everything happens as it is supposed to, there are no accidents, and we are where we are supposed to be.

    • We are all human with weakness and prone to making mistakes. Being honest with our weakness is easier said than done. Your comment is an excuse to justify mistake instead of learning from it.

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