October’s Eateries


18 Oct 2009 – Oyster Surprised

Asia Grand@Odeon Towers**** specializes in the finest Cantonese cuisines. Love raw oysters and do not usually eat them any other ways. But for some reason, decided to taste this and to my surprised, savored every bite of it… lightly battered with salted-egg yoke, a tasty combination. Of course what is a 95th Bday dinner without suckling pig, one of my favourite pork dishes. The way we indulge ourselves with food in SIN is no wonder that cardiologists like my brother are in good business!

Pariss International Seafood Buffet@Marina Square**** has a good variety but missing the Norwegian varieties of marinated, smoked, pickled salmon & herrings. If you have the time to enjoy a 3 hours lunch in good company, this place is certainly worth both the time and money. The stomach did not have space to taste all the seafood, not to mention the rest of the non-seafood buffet! Another time… thanks to Charles CHONG for introducing Pariss.

Food Opera@ION** upscale food-court style with food tasting similar to most food courts but more expensive to make up for the rents! Another new mall but this one with mainly brand-named goods… waaaay over-rated with over-prices for the novae rich!!

Thank you to Aileen KOH for the SPA invitation, was so relaxing and to Les & Ivy for a peaceful stay at their Sentosa Cove condo. Last night was the first game with the SIN Monopoly version. What used to be the most expensive Monopoly property, Park Lane in our childhood is Sentosa Cove for the SIN version! Hope that Darryl NEO (grand-nephew) enjoyed the game and guess who won? Hint… someone who owns the real Sentosa Cove 🙂

Heading to China tomorrow. Wishing you all a good week ahead. Updates will be done when I return end of the month. I wonder what China has to fear about WordPress to block it?

Part of the secret of success in life is to eat what you like and let the food fight it out inside – Mark Twain

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  1. Who is Darryl Neo. Is he on the Lam side?
    I have lost count. While I am at it, Who is Larry Lam?
    Chai used to love Monopoly and guess who had to play with him? He is in Vegas giving a presentation at the IBM conference.

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