Let Sleeping Dog Lie!


13 Jun 2009 – Quiet Moments

What a hectic week! Certainly feeling that the energy level is not as it was. Driving and picking Katy & Ellie from Vacation Bible School from 0900- 1200hrs Mon thru’ Fri; John is too young for VBS. For his age of 2 and a half, my favourite grandson speaks in full sentences and is very intelligent… observations from the an objective grandmother 🙂

Last night Linn & Jeff attended the Residents’ Graduation dinner and Sophie (3 days young) was the youngest guest who slept thru’ the whole ceremony. Katy Ellie & John stayed home with Nancy & I to watch a movie and had pizza with crazy bread & ice cream with brownies. Katie & Ellie claimed that the crazy bread made them crazy… and they do not need that bread to be so! John and I have similar food taste. He also likes his ice-cream on the side and not together with the brownie and has good taste in food… likes my cooking 🙂

What is patriotism but the love of the food one ate as a child? – Lin Yutang

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