Special Birthdays

2 Jun 2009  – Kenson Kwok’s 60th


Was it that long ago when we were running around playing hide and go seek in the 1950s? In the 1960s we both left SIN in different directions, Australia and Ireland for boarding schools and to catch up again in 1970s when he was doing his PhD in London and when he accepted to be godfather to Maymy second daughter.  Thank you for keeping in contact even when his schedules as the director of the Asian Civilisations Museum were overloaded. Happy 60th!

1 Jun 2009 – Morten Hald’s 55th


Happy Bday to Morten Hald, Linn & May‘s uncle in Norway whom I first met in 1968 when he was 14 and I was 18. What a charming person who always made and still makes me feel welcome to his family and to Norway. Thank you to the Tromsø Geology Professor at the world’s most northern University for his kindness and compassion.

No wise man ever wished to be younger – Jonathan Swift

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