15 Dec 2008 – Panic attack!

Problems with computer and printer for the whole weekend resulting in a panic attack. Thanks to the management & staff at Hagley & Hoyle Pte Ltd (a graphic design/advertising company where I worked in 1999), my 2008 Seasonal Greetings (for those who do not have email addresses) are now out in the mail. The contacts for the family email need to be updated and edited, hope to complete by this week. The Christmas presents are in the shops but still have to be bought and packed… if only Abracadabra helps 🙂

How did I manage when the children were younger? At least 6 varieties of home-baked goods, pickled herrings of varieties, the other foods and beverages, clothes for the occasion, shopping & wrapping of gifts, the house & tree to be decorated, and the list goes on… just thinking about it is enough to wear me out nowadays!

With The Omen, I really felt I wasn’t in control. It was panic – Richard Donner

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