Old Picture


3 Dec 2008 – Where & When

Guess the location of this picture in SIN and when & where it was taken from…

May HALD flew to Shanghai Mon and Thu she heads to OSL. LAM Kah Yun & Dika LAM are in Kuching and thanks to Chuan, I will have a picture of the Kwong Lee Bank Road when Yun & Dike return to SIN on Sat. This is the last month of 2008 and I still cannot find pictures of the first Kwong Lee Bank started by my paternal grandfather LAM Song Kee and his brother.

Thank you Ken TAN & his wife Cynthia for a lovely dinner together with his mom 11 aunt LAM Poh Yue, 15 uncle LAM Tin Cheong and his daughter, Edith LAM (from Vancouver). Colour-coding the names but also including the family names for a more organised system. My father’s generation- 18 of them excluding spouses and those before them were more systematic with the family name first, followed by their generation name and then finally their own name. LAM Tin Yue, LAM being the family name, Tin (males), Poh (females) for their generation and Yue is his name.

In my generation, the paternal side- 35 of us excluding spouses, the names are supposed to be LAM followed by Kwok (males), Su (females). The system got messed up by not following the generation names and adopting western names. Thus, colour coding to differentiate the generations. Must have been out of my mind to want to map out this family tree… would have been easier to walk another long distant trail!

It is quite a jungle where my family tree is concerned – Amy Lam Su Guan