11 Aug 2008

3 Aug: Jeff & John W‘s flight was rescheduled due to the Lufthansa airlines strike. My wish to have my whole family together for a few hours was fulfilled. Thanks to the Hustads’ hospitality, we had some quality time for afternoon tea and a swim. 

8 Aug: a flawless opening of the 29th Olympics in Beijing and the best fireworks’ show I have seen on TV.

9 Aug: Happy 43rd Bday to Singapore. Marianne Hustad’s wedding happened on the same day.  It has been a long time since I was at a party until 0300hrs starting at Søkedalen church 1400hrs followed by reception, dinner, speeches and dance at Voksenåsen Hotel with a breath-taking view of Oslo. To top the weekend, a Sunday’s luncheon at the Hustads’ beautiful villa in Tåsen with Guri Stenseth, my god-daughter who will be getting married Aug 2009. Norway will have to fit into my travels then!

Marianne, May & Guri were born in Tromsø (1978/79), the land of the midnight sun. The Hustads & Stenseths were our neighours then; we have kept in contact and remained friends throughout. May gave a touching speech about knowing Marianne her whole life… all my best wishes to the newly-wed, Marianne & Torfinn.

Ubi amor, ibi dolor (Where there is love, there is pain) – Latin quote

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  1. Oh, that’s a lovely family photo! Little grandkids crying in group photos is very normal in family albums 🙂 You look good too! Tanned and radiant 🙂

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