Eftasåsen Nursery School

24 Aug 2008 – Eftasåsen barnehagen

Such a small world, one of the kids in my group is the son of Linn‘s playmate from when we were living at Piggsoppgrenda, Kolsås in the early 1980s. Working with kids all day and not having enough time to myself is not what I want to do for more than a month! Just when I am getting to know the people, it will be the end to this job on Friday. 

20 Aug: lost of 154 lifes’ in Madrid due a an explosion of Spanair after takeoff. Is it a sign? I will be heading to Spain in Oct! The past week, Mother Nature has been causing havoc to Florida (Fay) and Southern China (Nui). Hope that all my friends in those areas stayed safely indoors.

Today is the closing of the 29th Olympics Games and Beijing has showed the world that China is part of the international scene. It is going to be interesting as to how the world’s most populated country (1.4 billion) will deal with the challenges and issues with the rest of the world. Will the sleeping dragon awakes to coexist with modesty and wisdom or puff it’s fire with fury??

Coexistence… what a farmer does with the turkey until Thanksgiving – Mike Connolly