Box-wine Fashion & Red Tapes…

23 May 2011 – … Only in Sandvika

Sandvika is the administrative centre of the municipality of Bærum where the most beautiful town-hall is located (to my eyes) and is designed by Linn & May’s great-grandfather, Magnus Poulsson. See posting:

Had to be there today to make sure that all the red tapes and official papers are in order for me to stay! And to do some shopping for the house!! Pix are from the center of Sandvika which of course is not the same as it was from the first visit, summer of 1968! It was a cold and stormy night and L&M’s father had to catch his bus in front of the town-hall back to his military training then!

Now the main street where my first Norwegian bank account was opened then was Bergen Bank, now DnB and no longer on the main street which is a pedestrian street. The first row of pix is more the old Sandvika and the next row is the new Sandvika; the pix below, hmmm, how do you like your prom dress made of recycled box-wine containers?  The French will certainly frown on that, not only for box-wine but the fashion 🙂

Bus from Kolsås takes about 15mins and cost NOK30/S$7oneway. Today is my lucky day, found NOK 200/S$45 on the ground! Decided to spoil myself by taking the bus both ways and had a snack! Walking there will take nearly 2hrs but too tired and lazy after a whole weekend of cleaning.

May & Bjørn transported second-hands dish washer, fridge/freezer, stove and washing machine (all in good condition, except to clean them!) in their SAAB over Sat & Sun. Was really impressed how Bjørn managed to get those appliances from the original place to his car and out to the house. Now all the appliances are ready to be used  thanks to them…

Now, as always, the most automated appliance in the household is the mother – Beverly Jones

Margaret River


3 Sep 2009 – Margaret River Region

30 Aug: started our drive 0930hrs heading to the Margaret River region, a drive which would usually take 3hrs. Lake Clifton is one of the few places in the world where the living rocks/thrombolities grow, was one of the stops followed by Yalgorup (meaning swamp in aborigines) National Park where the delicate wild flowers were located. After about 7hrs, we arrived at our accommodation Canal Rocks/Smith Beach, a charming rustic 3 bedrooms unit facing the ocean. There were two whales playing with the surfers and some wild kangaroos in the backyard. Dinner at Assisi in Dunsborough (the crab pasta is highly recommended).


31 Aug: Sugarloaf Rocks (beautiful red & pink shells), Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse (the guide had a pet snake python), Wise Vineyard (excellent lunch with a Chardonnay/2007 to compliment the food but forget the dessert), Eagle Bay, Yallingup Galleries (Abundance of Love by Liz McKay, A$2,450 completely out of my price range), Natural Olive Oil Soap Factory (wish I was having check-in luggage to buy some of their stuff), Laurance Wines (interesting chandelier of wine glasses) and Saracen Estate (unique design with barrels).


1 Sep: 1st day of spring, Woody Nook (walls of name cards), Yahava Coffee & Margaret River Distilling Co (pond with floating crocodiles), The Margaret River Dairy Co (yummy yogurt), Candy Cow/Cowaramup (sweet fudge), Jah Roc Galleries/Margaret River (beautiful wood furniture and glass), Watershed Premium Wines (so-so lunch but a decent 2008 Viognier in the company of 3 baby kangaroos in the vineyards), Cape Mentelle Vineyard and Providore (all kinds of everything).


2 Sep: Karri Forest (impressive straight solid trunks), Boranup Gallery (fine art, sculpture & wood furniture), Flat Rock/Augusta (not much wild flowers yet), Cape Leeuwin (threatening waves), Voyager Estate (delicious lunch with a tasteful 2006 Shiraz), Olio Bello (Kenson went crazy with the olive oils and dips), Ellensbrook Historic Place (serene grounds), Cowaramup Reef/Gracetown (where the Cape to Cape Trail/100km passes thru’)

Thank you to Peggy, Ian & Kenson for a wonderful time. An annual reunion at different locations is a very good idea 🙂



14 Aug – 3 Sep 2005 / Day 107 – Day 127

AT mileage:  261mi/452km
Days to hike:   19 days
Day 119: zero mile day

Elevation ranging from 400′ – 5,267′/149 – 1,606m
Difficulty rating: 3 – 10 (scale of 1 – 10)
Not recommended for novice hikers
Mahoosuc sections took an hour to hike 1 mile
Grabbing on to tree roots & limbs to ascent & decent
Dangerous when wet
Kennebec River – please take the free canoe service across
Plentiful of lakes, streams & bogs
Views – spectacularly breathtaking with serenity
Moose sighting
In wilderness is the perservation of the world – Henry David Thoreau

New Hampshire/AT


3 Aug – 13 Aug 2005 / Day 96 – Day 106

AT mileage:  161mi/256km
Days to hike:   10 days
Day 96:   zero mile day

Elevation ranging from 400′ – 6,288′/122 – 1,916m
Difficulty rating: 6 – 10 (scale of 1 – 10)
National Forest – White Mountains
Rugged & beautiful
Steep ascents & decents
Much above timber line – exposed
Trail town – Hanover/Dartmouth college
To get throught the hardest journey we need take only one step at a time, but we must keep on stepping – Chinese Proverb



27 Jul – 2 Aug 2005 / Day 89 – Day 95

AT mileage:  150mi/241km
Days to hike:   7 days

Elevation ranging from 400′ – 4,010′/122 – 1,222m
Difficulty rating: 5 – 6 (scale of 1 – 10)
National Forest – Green Mountains
Rugged & wooded hills
Overgrown farmlands
Can be muddy depending on the weather
Shares 100mi/161km with the Long Trail
Believing in yourself is an endless destination. Believing you have failed is the end of the journey – Sarah Meredith



22 Jul – 26 Jul 2005 / Day 84 – Day 88

AT mileage:  90mi/145km
Days to hike:   4 days

Elevation ranging from 650′ – 3,491′/198 – 1,864m
Difficulty rating: 3 – 6 (scale of 1 – 10)
Wooded hills & valleys
Ascents, thought sometimes steep are seldom sustained
Caution – CXG Railroad crossing can take a while if caught by the freight train
Trail towns – Dalton & Cheshire
The secret of good old age is simply an honorable pact with solitude – 
Gabriel Garcia Marquez



19 Jul – 21 Jul 2005 / Day 81 – Day 83

AT mileage:  52mi/83km
Days to hike:   3 days

Elevation ranging from 260′ – 2,316′/80 – 706m
Difficulty rating: 4 – 5 (scale of 1 – 10)
Scenic with pastoral views
Section near Falls Village along riverbank is wheelchair accessible
Longest riverside walk
Trail town – Falls Village

Once bitten by a snake, you will feel suspicious even when you see a piece of rope – 
Dalai Lama

New York/AT


14 Jul – 18 Jul 2005 / Day 76 – Day 80

AT mileage:  88mi/141.6km
Days to hike:   5 days

Elevation ranging from 124′ – 1,433′/38 – 437m
Difficulty rating: 2 – 5 (scale of 1 – 10)
Less secluded but more wooded & removed from civilization than expected
NY Metro North train stops at AT Station if you waved at the train
Passes through the zoo
Crosses the oldest US suspension bridge
Trail town – Pawling

I have not told you even half of the things that I have seen – Marco Polo

New Jersey/AT


10 Jul – 12 Jul 2005 / Day 72 – Day 75

AT mileage:  72mi/116km
Days to hike:   4 days

Elevation ranging from 350′ – 1,685′/106 – 514m
Difficulty rating: 2 – 5 (scale of 1 – 10)
National Parks – Delaware Water Gap Recreation
Rugged & remote
Abundant wildlife
Trail town – Unionville

A hungry man is an angry man – English Proverb



27 Jun – 9 Jul 2005 / Day 59 – Day 71

AT mileage:  229mi/368km
Days to hike:   13

Elevation ranging from 320′ – 2,080′/97 – 634m
Difficulty rating: 2 – 4 (scale of 1 – 10)
Long rocky ridges
Strenous climbs in and out of gaps
Crosses many roads
Southern section – gentle
After Lehigh River Bridge, rocky climb to the ‘Twlight Zone’ (where uncontrolled zinc-mining has done great injustice to the nature)
Trail towns – Boiling Springs, Duncannon & Port Clinton

The longest journey of any person is the journey inward – Dag Hammarskjold