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5 Nov 2023 – Time To Fall Back

Thu: has been a long-long! time ago@YhingThaiPalace – founded in the ’90s by a couple passionate about Thai-cuisine. If my memory serves me correctly, the food was good then. Happy Bday&thanks to HS for yummy dinner, and appreciations to Wil for the ride back to the EastSide.

Appetisers:FreshPomeloSalad,CristyPiceChips. Soup:FishMaw.



Menu – YhingThai

Fri: BeefNoodles,ChickenRice,Popiah to Rochalie and nice to be the only one on the bus the way, but quite a contrast on the way back when I had to close my eyes! The former RegentHotel@TomlinsonRd is now Conrad/Orchard.

Food shopping is my favourite kind of shopping@Isetan/ScottsRd, the food always looks good there and so are the prices for their imported fruits from Japan(can never justify paying those$$$!) – do like&prefer their cakes which are not too heavy for my taste.

Sat: tkx to Clement for SteamboatDinner, my contribution was dessert from Châteraisé.

Sun: reminder to Fall back Sun5Nov-0200hrs for those living in those time-zones, but then for ppl like me, retired from those 9-5jobs will not remember except to not call too early in the mornings to ppl in those time-zones!

Entertainment with words meaning something else in another language.

Learning another language is not only learning different words for the same things but learning another way to think about things ― Flora Lewis

Air = water/Malay

Barf = description for snow in Farsi,Hindi,Urdu

Die = come on/Italian(colloquially)

Eagle – igel=hedgehog in German

Fart = speed/Norwegian, luck/Polish
Fish – fixe=cool/Portuguese

Gary – is the word used to describe diarrhea/Japanese
Gift = poison/German&Norwegian and in Norwegian also=married

Hammer – Das ist der Hammer/German = that something is really awesome, though the word can also have a negative connotation.
Handy = cell phone/German 

Kiss = pee/Swedish

Lol – popular English acronym = fun or joy/Dutch.

Mist = manure/German


Ohio = good morning/Japanese(ohayo gozai masuおはようございます)

Pepperoni = bell peppers/Italian
Pet = fart/French
Preservative = condom/French
Prom = ferry/Polish
Push – puxe = pull/Portuguese

SeanBean(as in the actor) = Old Lady/Irish. It is, however, written seanbhean and it’s also pronounced differently.
Smoking = tuxedo/French&Norwegian

Trombone = paperclip/French

Vader = father/Dutch

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