7 Sep 2023 – From PEI/Canada To ME/USA

Sun: VictoriaPlayhouse/PEI – the curtain on this new theatre company opened in 1981 and, since then, has seen 40 seasons (and counting!) of professional theatre and performance events.

The Hall was designated a HistoricPlace on the CanadianRegister of Historic Places in 2007 and has been at the heart of the community for 100+yrs and continues to bring people together, from near and far.

Stroll around this delightful area, unlike the first time when we were soaked thru’&thru’ –  oyster dinner@CasaMia

Mon:BeachPointLighthouse&CapeBear(1881)Lighthouse+MarconiStation. Marconi, Guglielmo Marchese(1874-1937), invented the first practical radio signalling system. At age 16 he was sending and receiving Morse code across his parents garden without using cables. Formed Marconi’s Wireless Telegraph Co. Ltd. in London (1897). 1899 established communication across the English Channel between England and France. 1901 communicated signals across the Atlantic Ocean between Paldhee in Cornwall England and St. John’s Newfoundland


Interesting mixture berry+fruit wines and our favouite today was LittleSandsWhite, semi-dry wine with a balance of crisp apple and delicate flavours.

The Wood Islands Family of Lighthouses – 3 buildings on this site represent a family and all were once navigational aids. The lighthouse beacon is still maintained by the Canadian Coast Guard as part of the marine communication system used by ship traffic in the Northumberland Strait. The two smaller structures are called “range lights” and have been retired from service since 2007 when electric harbour lights on steel poles replaced them. Prior to that time, the range lights were situated on the east side of the lighthouse point before being moved in 1941 to the steel pier entrance to the Wood Islands Ferry terminal. As vessels approached the terminal, the deepest part of the channel was identified by a sight line alignment of the inner and outer range lights. The shorter range located farthest from shore, was called the “outer range light” and the taller one closest to shore, was called the “inner range light”. Some ranges were equipped with lights and fog horns and in some cases, a red vertical stripe that faced the open water.

In 2012, maintenance repairs to the steel pier required the now obsolete range lights to either be moved or destroyed. Thanks to the joint efforts of the Coast Guard, the provincial government and the Wood Islands Community Development Corporation, the range lights at Wood Islands have been moved and preserved as part of our community museum.

WoodIslandsFerryTerminal – would have been interesting to take this car-ferry(75mins) over to NovaScotia, but it would have been a longer drive to ME/USA.

Tue: ConfederationBridge/PEI, a box girder bridge carrying the Trans-CanadaHighway across AbegweitPassage of the NorthumberlandStrait, linking the province of PEI with the mainland province of NewBrunswick/NB. Opened 31May1997, 12.9-k/8m bridge is Canada’s longest bridge and the world’s longest bridge over ice-covered water.

Cape Jourimain Lighthouse, New Brunswick Canada at

The Canadian environment where recycle and using of the wind&solar energy is very impressive – the rest of the world has much to learn from here…

Wed: appreciations&tkx to AndyBrown for driving&guiding us around Bangor/ME where he is born&bred, and known to the locals here as the Mayor of Veazie. Lunch@Mason’sBrewing with a short stroll along the PenobscotRiver.

StephenKing’s Victorian mansion+ornate sculpture with a chainsaw in the heart of WhitneyPark HistoricDistrict on 47W Broadway.

Stephen King’s House: Bangor’s Spooky House of Horror – Unusual Places

with interesting cast-iron fence&gates and 2magnificent old trees on this street

UofME where Andy attended and now works there – his first-born also there for her freshman year now. Must be to nice to be the president of this U when you can live in a house like this!

Thu: an afternoon at Acadia National Park (U.S. National Park Service) (

Last evening@Young’sLobsterPound & SeafoodRestaurant/Belfast

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