PEI – Island Walk(2)

13 Aug 2023 – Days 6-10

Wed: Day6 with Nancy&Lori, Glenda&Karen had a rest day ~18k/12m ~7+hrs including lunch&rest stops. Wellington-Summerside, rainy start, but pleasant after lunch mainly on the ConfederationTrail+road crossings ending@JollyRogers/Summerside for lobster roll+potato salad dinner.

Nancy: PEI – Day 6 – Wellington to Summerside – 22km says the guidebook. The sign said 18 km. I believe we got a break today and walked just a little over 12 miles. Three of us hiking and two resting. Glenda provided support. Pouring rain when we started and predicted to continue throughout the day. That didn’t happen either. The morning shower stopped within the hour, we might have had a quick shower or two but most of the afternoon was cloudy but dry. Good hiking trail. The footpath was entirely on the Confederation trail which is a rail trail and very flat. We even took time to sit down for lunch in a cute restaurant. We all had breakfast- egg, toast, bacon, potatoes and tea or coffee. Dinner at the Jolly Roger in Summerside – between us we had shrimp, scallops, fish sandwich, and lobster rolls- all yummy, including the hand cut fries and potato salad.

Karen: today have not been on the trail due to shin splints that I’m treating with the RICE method. 

Thu:  Day7 ~22+k/14+m ~8+hrs including rest stops. Wellington-McNeillsRd on the ConfederationTrail+road crossings with nice picnic benches to rest – hiked with Glenda.

Nancy: PEI- Day 7 – 23 km- about 14.5 miles- all on the Confederation Trail. A delightful day even though we had a little rain here and there and I felt as though I was constantly taking my rain gear on and off and trading one of my hiking poles for an umbrella. We had cloudy weather and some sunny weather most of the day, including blue skies in the afternoon. This rail trail is nice to walk on! (If just a little boring.) I hiked with Lori today and we tried several Spotify playlists but decided we liked 70s road trip the best. The Confederation trail has lots of benches and picnic tables so we always had a nice place to rest and took advantage of many of them throughout the day. Mosquitoes were occasionally a problem and other times we were thankful for dragonflies (who reportedly eat them) or wind. We stopped at a Kwik stop that offered little in the food department but half the store had paint and hardware. I (borrowed) a screwdriver to tighten my poles so they would stop shortening on me. The coffee shop we were aiming for closed just before we arrived so we headed for the Esso gas station with a deli. At the end of the day, when we met up with Glenda and Amy, we headed for a farm stand for fresh veggies- just picked corn, green beans, carrots, garlic, and onions. Then, we stopped by a roadside stand for potatoes (PEI is renowned for their potatoes!) Dinner was cooked by chefs Glenda and Lori and exceeded all expectations! And, finally, the guy who wrote the Island Walk book returned my email and gave me hints on how to make the Island walk map interactive on my phone and how to download his book that has some helpful hints. Yay! I shouldn’t get lost again!

Karen: another day off of trail recovering from shin splints but took a walk from our cottage to beach. Also had fresh local vegetables for dinner that were delicious including the PEI new potatoes thanks to my hiking companions.

Fri: Day8 ~12+k/7+m ~4+hrs including rest stops. Kensington-Summerside on the ConfederationTrail+road crossings. Breakfast@ StarlidDiner&Dairy/Summerside. and a cab to shuttle us to start@Kensington. TGIF and a good weekend to all – managed to all walk together despite of the rains. Had fun with our masks, tkx to Karen…

Nancy: PEI-Day 8 – just under 7 miles. We shortened our day as the schedule involved re-hiking a large portion of the Confederation Trail which would only be necessary if we were without a car and walking the island totally on foot. We got up half an hour later (not late enough), ate breakfast at our favorite diner, and found a shuttle to our furthest point so we could all hike together. We needed a place to leave my car in a neighborhood that didn’t appear to have street parking. We approached a homeowner who told us we could just park on his lawn – what a trail angel! As soon as we started in Kensington, we took a few pictures of the historic markers and the train station, and then it began to rain, and rain, and rain more. We were again on the Confederation Trail so we had a couple of nice picnic tables for resting and snacking. Most of the sights were agricultural- either processing plants or fields of crops. 4 hours later we reached the car. Once we got in, the rain quickened and it poured buckets. We stopped by Walmart and next a cell phone store to get help for Karen’s phone (it had gone black and needed a hard restart (?)), and then the thunder and lightning began. So thankful to no longer be outside. We ate dinner at our cabin – handpies (a local specialty) and potatoes and carrots plus a variety of leftovers.

Sat: Day9 ~23k/15m~8+hrs including rest stops. O’Leary-McNeillsRd on the ConfederationTrail where the first(for me) solar panel composting toilet was located on this beautiful day. Dinner@Vinny’s/O’Leary.

Nancy: PEI- Day 9 Approximately 14.5 miles on the Confederation trail. A beautiful day for hiking. We got up early and stuffed my car with as much stuff as possible. Everyone but me (the driver) had stuff in their laps and at their feet. It took over an hour to get to the starting point. Three hiked in one direction and myself and Lori in the opposite direction. We had shade sometimes and sun others. I saw 14 bikers and only one other walker who had a dog with her. We passed 15 benches and 9 picnic tables, plus one composting toilet during our 23km walk. Pretty nice! The path went through a lot of marshland the mosquitos were definitely plentiful and obnoxious. The Confederation Trail has km markers so it was fun to watch as the km passed by. Our whole group got lunch together today at the midpoint when we passed each other. Dinner was at a local eatery in O’Leary then we moved on to our new accommodation. In some ways it is nicer than the last but there are fewer bedrooms and we miss access to a nice washer and dryer- the ones here are ancient.

Karen: Day #9 – approx 23k & close to 15 miles shortening my stride & using KT tape for shin splints – a beautiful sunny day.

Sun: Day10 – got up and my world was spinning! Time to listen to the body and a rest day for Karen&I while Glenda,Lori&Nancy walk ~17k/10m on roadwalk/Route12 and was back early for us to explore together.

Local dried&fresh produce on Route12.

ChristChurch(former MontroseMethodistChurch) is an Anglican church located at KildareCapes overlooking the Gulf of St. Lawrence. The Gothic Revival style building features a rectangular sanctuary with four rectangular windows on the side elevations. The entrance tower terminates in a cross and has pointed arch windows and decorative hood moulding.

Shopping in Alberton. Change of plans to Tip-Tip- ConfederationTrail ~273k/170m. Not feeling comfortable or safe with too many road walks to continue on the IslandWalk

voted unanimously by all over delicious dinner&drinks@NorthportPierRestaurant/Alberton.

Nancy: PEI – Day 10 – Aug 13 – Gaudets by the Sea to Provincial Park – an 11.3 mile road walk. Only 3 walked today (including me) and we did not complete a full section of the Island walk. It’s becoming clear that the amount of road walk is exhausting and causing both major and minor injuries amongst us. We have decided to switch our objective from the PEI Island Walk to completing the “Tip to Tip” hike along the Confederation Trail. This will qualify us for a nice certificate and allow us some rest days and time to see the sights. Our old schedule is a bit too grueling and our new schedule will be fun! I am excited that we will have time to visit some lighthouses, museums, and Anne of Green Gables. We have been missing a lot! Otherwise, I’m not sure how I would explain to those who have visited PEI that all I saw was roads and trails. The highlight of today was a few glimpses of the sea, a very old church, and a veggie stand where we picked up some fresh carrots, garlic, onions, beans, blueberries, and spices. Mostly, we saw houses but a few were particularly interesting especially the house with a plane in the hangar and a grass airstrip. We had a wonderful dinner on the pier and I even chanced drinking a margarita! Good friends are, of course, the best part of this trip and changing plans will keep us all safe. Road walking is definitely hazardous and the Confederstion trail is off road with plenty of benches and picnic tables for resting tired feet. Our only rest today was sitting on the church steps. I think we have found the perfect solution to keeping this trip memorable in a good way.

Accommodations from 12-19Aug: Gaudet’sByTheSeaCottages

Day1-10: ~188k/116m

To be edited and updated when energy permits…