From The Royal Palace

26 Jun 2023 – To A Delightful Afternoon In Asker

Fri: started yesterday, one paying adult is allowed to have 4 no-charged accompanying children on public transport in OSL. Took the tram getting off@Holberg’sPlass and a short stroll to the palace – somehow there always seem to be a pigeon on the equestrian statue of CarlJohan standing in the square in front of the Royal Palace which overlooks the street that carries his name.

Linn&#2 decided to go shopping while #3&6+me headed to Rådhuset=CityHall. Unfortunately it was closed for an event to mark the shooting a year ago.

Had our packed-lunch and the boys had a good time climbing here –  thought it to be quite an appropriate shot to have the Rådhuset in the background which their great great grandfather MagnusPoulsson was the architect to. Subway from Nationaltheatret-Forskningspaken on the way back.

Was told that it has been too dry here to permit any bonfire tonight for Sankthansaften(MidSummer’sNight). As it is the gang was exhausted after a warm afternoon in town and personally would not like to be anywhere near, in or with crowds.

The Oslofjord got a new attraction on Wed. However, the giant squirrel must not end its days as a bonfire on Fri, as originally planned –

Sat: shopping at Majorstua/Bogstadveien for Linn&#2 and Rådhuset=CityHall,Sporveismuseet=TramwayMuseum (largest collection of vintage trams here in Norway) for #3&6. Fun place to be for the boys and you can go on to all the trams except for the horse-drawn one(#6Hestesporvogen1875 rebuilt 1889-1913) quite understandable as this is the oldest, an antique.

A spontaneous picnic@Frognerparken is always a good idea when in this area with this kind of glorious summer weathers. #2 chose Gravlaks, picked up chicken wings for #3&6 @Jacob’sColosseum, and salad for me – not forgetting desserts, Norwegian Skolebrød. Sculpture of a man juggling 4babies ManChasingFourGeniuses – the grandchildren call TheAngryFather! Suggests a man struggling to cope with the responsibility of parenthood…

Sun: shopping trip to Sweden for the younger ppl. What a pleasant surprise to have Cathrine&Torgrim for a short visit – they were on their way back to Tromsø after a vacation with friends in Sweden. Nice for #2,3&6 to catch up with their Norwegian paternal grand auntie. Have known Cathrine since she was a baby and now she is a grandmother!

Mon: 30mins train to Asker RT-SeniorNOR64S$8.

Nice new shopping mall, Trekanten=The 3Corners where an ATM machine was finally located to get some cash.

Coffee&Napoleonskaker@BakerHansen,pizza-lunch@Glorioso – delightful afternoon catching up with Kari and a nice surprise that Bjørn joined us later. Time went by quickly when we go back to 50+yrs ago from our Dublin/Ireland student days. Kari&I gave birth to our first babies one day apart in 1974/Dublin,Ireland! And now our babies will be 50 next year!!

SykkelHotell=BicycleHotel by the train station made an impression – if only more cities can adapt this idea.

A pleasant afternoon on foot exploring this area by Asker train station and a wet evening by the time back in Oslo after being on the go for 12+hrs.

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