25 May 2018 – In 2015 And Now

Thu: enjoying the serenity in this neighbourhood with the fragrance of Gardenia scent and feeling like a child again with a tree-house in an idyllic backyard. Wow!! compare these 2pix; one when the tree-house was built in 2015 and now where the creepers are climbing higher, growing fast like the FaBuLous5. Nice with the tree stumps around a fire-pit – perfect for s’mores in the evening.

This song usually pop up when there is this feeling of being blessed and grateful to have family and friends who have given and taught me much in this life journey, so far. And the journey continues north towards ME and Canada for Jul&Aug. With tickets arranged and booked, can relax and enjoy SC for now.

Fri: TGIF – air tickets for Aug from CAE-YYZ and from YYZ-FLL (total US$299 S$400), at this price, will pass on the Greyhound which would save me US$50 S$67. Bus tickets for Jul on Greyhound (US$70 S$94) from CAE-WinstonSalem and from Wikesboro-CAE.

The strange thing with greyhounding from CAE-WilkesB transferring@WinstonS with a long layover will take 20+hrs to get to WilkesB, but from WilkesB-CAE, 9hrs. Was rather greyhounded out in 2015 road-trip, should be ok for this short trip.

Looking forward to Jul’s drive from NC-ME to do a support hike for HiHills, Pokey&Wiggs. Not sure which roads Franklin is planning to take, but will be filled with adventures and fun for sure. Have not been to ME since the AT thru’hike (2005).

Too much time on hand, wanted and could not resist these items online – Universal Travel Socket US$27 S36 Slap Sunglasses US$13 S$17 Insta Sealer US$12 $16 shipping US$11 S$15. $$$ quoted thru’out my blog are just estimated and round-up, ie not exactly to the cent! incase anyone wants to contradict or challenge those figures!! They are just for me to remember and compare how much stuff roughly cost then and now.


Advantages with online shopping – no need to dress or drive or to go out of the house and everything delivered to the doorsteps. I can live with that – especially the dressing and driving part 🙂 Cheers to all that!  Anyone with one of these Universal Travel Socket plx provide a comment, tkx. Have been searching for something like this, ie a single piece with multi-functions. Will let y’all know after receiving and trying it out. Have one from a few years ago, but not 100% satisfied…

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