2017 Christmas

27 Dec 2017 – New Fridge for the Last 2017 Week

Mon: Merry Christmas and blessed with family in SIN, but missing Linn&famly/USA and May&family/Norway. Glad that the surface-mailed package to the US (mailed in Oct) has been received. Above pix credits of The MaGniFicant6 to Linn&May.

A thousand thanks and appreciations to bro Les&Ivy for hosting Christmas lunch@Tanglin Club.

Great time was had by young and old with the presence of 3LAM generations, Ivy’s 2cousins+their family and MeiPin, a friend of Kat.

Bon appetite and cheers to all. Yummy foods with perfect quantity this year – ie, none to doggy-bag!

Had a taste of Lucas kiddies dessert, ice-cream+cookie and this year’s best joke/riddle from the Christmas crackers/bon-bons – Why did the tomato blush???

Our hearts grow tender with childhood memories and love of kindred, and we are better throughout the year for having, in spirit, become a child again at Christmas-time ― Laura Ingalls Wilder 

Tue: Gledelig jul and Happy Boxing Day to all. The tomato blushed because it saw the salad dressing – tkx Alex. Lunched with Lawrence@T4 before he took off back to KCH. The new T4 (formally the budget terminal) is connected by free shuttle-bus to T2, if you want to go to T1-T3 from T4 – did some shopping@T3. Appreciations to Jo for home-cooked dinner.


Wed: bye-bye fridge Samsung – bought it in 2000, also@BestDenki$459 and it has served me well until a year ago when it started to act up.

After a week of fridge hunting, bought the Panasonic on promotion@BestDenki/Parkway S$388. Paid $238 total tkx to Clem’s Xmas gift-vouchers&Sue’s perks for free delivery+disposal.

Expo-RoadShow, $379+30 for delivery $409, Mustafa $425+25=$450. Prices were not that much differences, but nothing can beat the price when there are vouchers and perks. Quite annoyed with the delivery ppl, first they were late and then they scratched my fitted kitchen cabinet which I will complain about tomorrow! Too tired today!! 

Thu: Happy Birthday to my oldest friend Peggy Leung-PUDDEY – in red, family pix credit to her beautiful daughter Rachel. Have know PP since the early 1950s and have been friends thru’ thick&thin!

Also distantly related by marriage, PP father, uncle Vincent WeiSan LEUNG (with glasses) being the nephew of my mother’s bro-in-law Henry YukKwong LEUNG (with tie).

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