This Too Shall Pass

7 Dec 2017 – Days Of Discomfort

Sat: and the weekend is not the kind wished for anyone!

Sun: need to get myself to the Polyclinic tomorrow. Did not even find the candles and holder for the first Sunday of Advent. Will do without them this year! At least the other lights and calendars are out.

Posting from Linn’s FB reminded me that it is hers and May’s father’s 70Bday – Happy Bday to the father of my 2 children’s  and grandfather to my 6 grandchildren.

Memories seemed to wander back to 40yrs ago in Tromsø where there was energy to paint an attic and fit a table set with 4-course dinner+wines for 12. Had white phalaenopsis flew in from the Netherlands. Marit&Henrik have passed on but do wonder the whereabouts of Matts&Agnetha. Ah yes, those were the days when youth, love and immortality conquered all 🙂


Glad to see that today the eldest John#3 (11) and the youngest Olai#6 (6) grandsons are bonding and having a blast together – adorable hair contrast! Pix credits to Linn.

Mon: if only there were some energy left from those days, would have walked or taken the bus to the MP Polyclinics, instead took a cab/S$5 there. From there was explained that it was best to go in an ambulance and to be admitted into A&E@RafflesHospital (nearest in distance to where MP Polyclinic). Spent the rest of the day there with drip, medications and blood tests – turned out to be some bad stomach infection. RH even though private, has some tie-ups with the government health services and my bill was S$116.

Early 2000s when working@H&H and we designed their first brochures and also chose the font RH which are what you still see now, strange to be a patient there now! Pix of RH downloaded.

Tue: started on the antibiotics and it is the first day since Thu night that the liquids are not coming out like a tap and feeling less dehydrated. Energy and appetite level still 0, finally losing some unwanted weight but not in a healthy way! Looks like snail-mail for this season’s greetings will be extremely late out! Nothing is out of the Christmas box yet but at least it is out of the store-room 🙂 🙂

Wed: been some days ago since food pix did not make me nauseous. Nice to be able to see one without feeling such, but just managed to struggle with a cooked-egg for breakfast, took me over an hour to eat it. Now to gather some energy and mood to open the box.

Thu: there things are out in a mess to be sorted, but first to make sure that the greeting cards get out in the mail asap. Tkx to Aileen@H&H for her help with the printing of the inserted notes. Now I have the chance to get them out latest early next week and hope that they will be received in time for the season.

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