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26 Nov 2017 – With All Kinds Of Heritages

Sat: lunch@AsiaGrandRestaurant 亚洲金阁***tkx to Clement&family. Used to be one of the places I liked for dim-sum, but sadly the standards have dropped since my last visit.

This location brings back very traumatic memories from when the British movie-star HayleyMills was personally in 1960s SIN. PuiAh&I were at then the OdeonCinema/built 1953 (now OdeonTowers) to see her. And the root to my phobia of crowds started here when I fell, and if the crowds were as they are today, would not have survived to write about it. Pix credits to the below link.–History–20th%20century

1960s pix downloaded from various sites. Interesting 1960s SIN scenes in the PrettyPolly Youtube link below:

The Arts House – Wovensouls Heirlooms, just can’t get enough of these old exquisite penmanship. Even-though not old or antique, the camel-tassels is quite a cute item.

Beautiful and brilliant colours&workmanship for some of the tapestries, silver, etc.

The short stroll from the Arts House to the Esplanade never bores me as there is always something on the way. This stretch also brings me back fond childhood memories of my parents when they used to take me for evening walks in this area.  2different couples for their wedding pix – will someday gather some of these pix and comment on them 🙂

Happenings@the Esplanade.

Sun: 2 strange coincidences – on my way to the bus to town, met Sue who was in the car as I was crossing the road, then when I got off a bus and sat down for a bite, Clement walks by. Hmmm what kind of sign is this as I am on my way to…

Entertaining The Gods & Social Diary of a Spirit Medium – hosted by SingaporeHeritageSociety@The Pod, NationalLibraryBoard, a venue with a view.

Panelists: Chan ChowWah/Writer, Margaret Chan/SMU, Ronni Pinsler/Producer, Kenneth Dean/NUS and KelvinAng/URA. Was pleasantly surprised with a NasiLemak dinner to this well-attended event where a documentary of a time in SIN was captured and also learning about the tang-ki spirit medium worship.

Artopia – Back to the Era of Impressionism. Colourful&fun displays outside the library.

Finally up to date today with the local drama Tanglin-Episode612. Started a week ago and just finished with Season1 of Growing Up, (produced from 1996-2001), another local drama based on SIN-life in the 1960s-80s. Useful lessons from these to understand SIN&the ppl.

Liking this peaceful&simple life-style with less complications&problems.  Eating yummy foods (to my taste), admiring&seeing (not owning) pretty things (subjective as beauty is the eye of the beholder) and be entertained with subjects which interest me, but also to learn from.

Coincidences are spiritual puns ― GK Chesterton

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