SIN Design Week 2017

13 Mar 2017 – Art & Culture

Sat: appreciations to Colin, The Ireland Funds and LaSalle College of the Arts (in fond memory of Bro Joe) for a delightful entertaining evening bringing back cheerful memories of student-days in Ireland. An excellent RedDot GreenDot program with Colin giving an unforgettable read on Joseph O’Connor’s Sperm-Bank 🙂

The Irish are the only ppl with their gift of the gab even without kissing the Blarney Stone. Perhaps there is a need to refresh and renew with another kiss on my next Ireland trip 🙂 🙂 Tkx for the company, Magnus and great to catch up with Mariam&family. Let the Paddy’s Day celebrations begin…

Sun: Design Trails starting from National Design Centre to

Oasia Hotel Downtown – designed by WOHA Architects, the minds behind Parkroyal on Pickering, the building features a mix of modern, urban and eco-friendly designs elements.  Above 2pix downloaded.

What is so unique here are the various creepers and greens growing on the different shades of red mesh which stands out from the other hard concrete buildings.

Ground-level – The Marmalade Pantry and lobby to the elevators in mesh lighting’s effects to compliment with the exterior of the building. Edited – tried the Chocolate Fudge Cake the next evening, Mon evening and it was sinfully rich and tasty! Perfect with a cup of camomile tea.

Level 12 is where the check-in and the common areas are located. Surrounded with nice gardens in open fresh air without AC giving a feeling of space.

Like the idea of Hush, SIN first silent T-bar. Silence is golden but my eyes still see and my heart still feels the Sound of Silence by this giant knitting display!

So far both these 2buildings – Parkroyal on Pickering & Oasia Hotel Downtown top my fav list. Edited: link below is an interesting read where SIN as a green urban utopia is concerned.

Telok Ayer Park – the sun was getting too hot for me but good to see some ppl there taking interest in the talk.


Edited: stumbled upon this by mistake while searching for Airbnb SIN Office on the Design Trail. Documenting it before the memory fades even further! Forest City, Johor/Malaysia  碧桂园森林城市 by Country Garden Pacific View – SE Asia’s first and largest mixed-use green development in terms of the number of units to be built with a vertical greenery in this humongous development.


The young man who I talked to on Sun was most informative and helpful. He has bought a unit there and hope that things will work out to the best for him.

Airbnb SIN Office – déjà vu! Somehow had this strange feeling that I have been in this building, in spite of entering by the backdoor on Stanley St. None of the young ppl here could tell me what the name of this building was in the early 2000s. Left by the front entrance and was quite sure that this was once the Dapenso Building. Confirmed with Aisha that this was it, where H&H was on the 8floor when I was working there then!!

Got off the Design Trail and being in the neighbourhood decided to check if YC Yip was working on his mural@Amoy St – and there he was on this hot afternoon. Too tired to linger, got him a drink and headed to the bus.

Every little job becomes a dream, and you don’t recall it anymore, and maybe you might have a deja vu moment, but it’s like something you dreamed earlier – Terrence Howard

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