Historic Moments

9 Nov 2015 – In SIN & Myanma


Leaders of China Mr Xi and Taiwan Mr Ma will be meeting in SIN Shangri-La Hotel for talks. This is quite a historic event. The last official meeting between China & Taiwan was in 1949! Let’s hope and pray that the outcome will be good and peaceful for all. Pix credits to ST.


Fri & Sat: TGIF and have a good one. Let’s catch up at Campers’ Corner where I will be serving Sangria at their Arc’teryx Fall 2015 Sales. Quoting Garry – Amy running the drinks.? Like Dracula in the blood bank methinks...  🙂 🙂 🙂


Sun: needed to recover from the Sangria and from standing for 2days! Woken by the drums and singing. Thinking it was another Malay wedding at the common areas, but it turned out to be some Malay Heritage awareness. Too tired to bring myself downstairs. Just these 2 pix taken on the way to the bus and was short of time.


Supporting The Necessary Stage’s Theatre for Seniors at the Esplanade featuring brand new works by members. Rise of the Phoenix comprises two plays—Waste***chronicles the story of Peter Lee, a tour guide whose wife leaves him and is haunted by the ghost of his mother, and Lost***explores the relationships and the revelation of unspoken truths as a mother leaves her family.


Pleasant surprise to bump into Eleanor who I have not seen for ages! Glad to learn about Semakau Landfill from the play. Had no idea about this island until today. Must visit this impressive island made of rubbish! Semakau pix downloaded.



Mon: good Mon morning. Safe journeys and hikes to Calvin, SengTeong and PengHann who will be heading to Taiwan. Testing out this HMG ultralite backpack for future use. Appreciations to Calvin of CC for the pack.



Another historic moment to be inserted into history books.


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  1. I was looking for new reading material and I stumbled upon your blog. Great post. Well written and inspiring. Looking forward to coming back and explore other ones you have.

    • Hello Kally, tkx for stumbling upon my blog. I checked out yours and you are sure a good blogger.

      We the ‘pioneer generation’ has much to learn in this fast high-tech world from the younger generation like yourself.

      Do drop by anytime, and constructive comments are very welcome.

      • You’re most welcome!! I do hope to keep in touch with fellow Singaporeans while I’m living abroad. 🙂 have a fantastic day!

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