Mount Kinabalu

8 Jun 2015 – Sabah Earthquake

Fri 5 Jun 2015 07.17hrs.: Condolences to the families and friends at the Tanjong Katong Primary School (one of my neighbourhood schools in SIN), where students and teachers perished on Mt Kinabalu, Sabah earthquake. Prayers and thoughts are with all affected.


This is an interesting read and it is not about believing or superstitious if read with an open-mind. Have never heard or seen this Oarfish until now. In Japanese is known as ryugu no tsukai = Messenger from the Sea God’s Palace.


Sat: congratulations to Linn and all these lovely ladies for placing at the 5K Sweat It Out Run & Walk this morning – Hypohidrotic Ectodermal Dysplasia. Did not know what this was about until this morning.


Lovely neighbourhood at Old Woodlands Park. Appreciations to MC’s parents for allowing us to park the car by their house. In the golf-cart is Nick’s daddy and Nick who is unable to sweat it out but started the race for the runners with ‘Ready, get set,  go’. The last one in for this event received the price. A nice and unexpected gesture – to show appreciations to all for taking part.


Can never resist anyone making and shaping these balloons 🙂

L&J had their Sunday School group here for swimming and boating. There were 40-50 people including kids. I went shopping but not too sure which was the lesser dreaded affair?


Picked up paper and disposable stuff from the Party City for Sophie’s 6Bday party next week. Guess what her Bday party theme is????


May wanted books in English for Olai. Was at 2nd and Charles and there was a good selection, including some new stuff like these Minions. Let’s hope that she will appreciate my choices – have to take them in my baggage first to SIN and then to OSL!!


Supplements at the Vitamin Shoppe to last the year + 2 new place mats at Pier1 Imports. Stopped into Ross and found that their standard has deteriorated. Was disappointed at 99% of the things there.

Witnessed two accidents – one on the way shopping and the other on the way back. Even when these were fender-benders, definitely a sign to NOT rent a car as planned.


The dandelion field of white has been completely cleared and not a sign of a single dandelion. Probably the owner of this land knows that the seeds are about to be dispersed in the air and cleared it. The majestic Magnolias are still in bloom.


Sun: family at church. Stayed in to update pix and blog. Showers in the afternoon and the cool down was pleasant. The front living room is in one of my favourtie warm red shades.


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