Goodbye Feb 2015

28 Feb 2015 – The Lion & Dragon Dance

Fri 9th CNY Day: the whole body, especially the stomach and mouth! really needed this day to rest. Not sure about others, but this indulgence is not healthy and certainly feeling the consequences! Spent the day downloading other pix which have been neglected due to the overwhelming social activities over the CNY.


Elgin Bridge over SIN River connecting to Chinatown taken on different days and at different angles.



Marine Crescent with block 46 in different angles to remind myself what it looks like before the eyesight and memory fade 🙂


I see white and gold…


Sat 10th CNY Day: thank you Brian & Helen for a delightful get together of black/blue or white/gold talks 🙂 Missed Sylvia who is in Switzerland for boarding school. Before long it will be Sophie’s turn. Leonard who had to be back in Brunei was also missed!



Fortunate to catch the performances of these dragon and lion dancers where the Marine Terrace neighbours are having their LoHei in the common area downstairs from blk 46.

TimeVincent, my contractor posted the above pix and it is rather neat. No not redecorating, happy with my book shelves and piano. If you need a good contractor, I will highly recommend Vincent.

My comment: here is how to decorate your accommodations and always KNOW your time even if you are NOT able to be on time. Remember that Time and Tide wait for NO one – so enjoy your time while it is still there for you.

Men talk of killing time, while time quietly kills them – Dion Boucicault

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