Continuing 2015 CNY Celebrations

22 Feb 2015 – To Last Till 4Mar!!



Sat: 3rd CNY Day, tkx Audrey for a delicious lunch. Great to see her mom Betty in good healthy spirits and nice to meet her sis April and the rest of the family.

年糕 NianGao = Rice Cake: A must to eat during Lunar New Year. Niangao sounds like it means ‘getting higher year-on by year’. This means more prosperous and better improvement in life – Audrey Wong



Dinner with Wilki&Pattie and Jo in Little India Tekka Market. Looked like the food was too hot for Jo 🙂 Strolled around Fullerton One and to the Fullerton Heritage Gallery which was Wilkie&Pattie and Jo’s first visit!




Sun: 4th CNY Day – Yeohs, welcome home from their visit in Malaysia. Missed you all on the 1stDay! Today visits from MtE staff & families and other friends.


Fun with new toy, a karaoke set Les won at a golf game! Another excellent wine and whatever will happen will happen at this rate of over-indulgence!! Missed Carmel, Soon & Cian who are still in Malaysia.


Appreciations to Les&Ivy for yet another successful get-together with good food and great wines. Extra pix and less words for this posting to make up for the lousy blurred pix on the 1st CNY day 🙂

We live in an image society. Speeches are not what anybody cares about; what they care about is the picture – Madeleine Albright

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