Iceland Day 8/edited 18 Oct

11 Sep 2014 – Happy Bdays to May Yung-Lam and bro Steven


Tue: Strandakirkja was originally built in the 12th century. The story relates that there is one night when a group of sailors tried to navigate back to Iceland in a storm. The southern coast of Iceland is notorious for its hidden reefs and rough coast. The distressed sailors prayed to God for a safe return and vowed to build a church wherever they landed.


When they ended their prayer an angel, seemingly made of light, appeared before their bow. The angel guided them through the rough surfs and led the crew into a bay for safe landing. The sailors, making good on the promise, built a wooden church at the site. The bay nearby is named Angel’s Bay to commemorate the incident. Many miracles have been attributed to Strandarkirkja and there was a time when it was one of the richest churches in Iceland from the donations of Icelanders coming from all over the country in hopes of having their prayers and wishes realized.

So if I do return here, it means that my wish has been granted…



Seltún, boardwalks meander round a cluster of hot springs. The steaming vents, mud pots and solfataras (volcanic vents) shimmer with rainbow colours from the strange minerals in the earth, and the provocative eggy stench will leave a lasting impression.


Kleifarvatn is the largest lake on the Reykjanes peninsula situated in the southern part of the peninsula on the fissure zone of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. The lake’s greatest depth is 97 m. The lack of life gives an amazing deep feeling of inner peace.


After the big earthquake in 2000, the lake began to diminish, and 20% of its surface has since disappeared. The cracks that opened up in the earthquake have since then slowly filled again and by 2008 the lake had regained its previous surface Level


Hópsnes Lighthouse is a spit of lava land between Cove Hraunsvik and Cove Jarngerdarstadavik close to Grindavik. The lighthouse there was built in 1928.


Blue Lagoon is a must to end this astounding and breath-taking trip with the Puddeys.  A dip in these clear blue hot springs, paradise on earth is the best reward and way to relax after all the driving over the week – EUR40 S$65 including a towel rental). Thank you Marisa, manager of the Blue Lagoon Shop for her excellent service. Would certainly like to visit again and take on her hospitality.

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Pix credits to Peggy & Ian for the 3 above pix from the Blue Lagoon. Was to busy enjoying the soak to take pix! This is the 2nd visit at this location and will certainly visit again even if it means to have an overnight stay when travelling from the US to Norway on IcelandAir in the future.


Our last hotel and dinner in Iceland for this time round – Icelandair Hotel Keflavik**** Dinner at Vocal Restaurant****with a delicious serving of Ling Fish at a discount as they had a big group and the service was slower than normal. Not a complain, just a comment. Like that they actually separate the big groups into another room and we had a quiet and peaceful time to wrap up our Iceland tour.

Paradise is open to all kind hearts – Pierre Jean de Beranger

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