After A Week of 2014 SGF

25 Aug 2014 – With More Experiences Gained

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After being exposed for a week in the oppressive humidity and heat is not the idea situation for both head and heart. Tkx to Calvin to including me to his Camper’s Corner Team. Good to have done it and with a young and delightful companion of Chris, the week was filled with laughter and humour. Happy to know him better. Missed him on Fri when it was his day off. To Yukie, grateful for her bringing us food and for helping. Enjoyed her youthful refreshing company.

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The neighbouring booth, Nep’s Plants is one of the best neighhours who have crossed my exhibitions show paths. SIAW Yu Zhang launching his book XYZ’s Experience with Growing Tropical Pitcher Plants in Singapore. This young 17yrs man is knowledgeable and passionate about his air and pitcher plants with his whole family (3 generations) including grandparents supporting him thru’ out the week. Such a privilege to have met his family too.

Met some interesting people including Emiliano from Tahiti and a lady from Steward Island/NZ. First time meeting people from those places and learnt a bit from them. Grateful to others who stop by, especially to Christian who was busy packing to head back to Norway.



The organisers will be getting feed-backs from the various booths where Camper’s Corner was also located to let them know that there were no signages to let the public know about the booths around the SuperTree Grove. The shuttle completely by-pass this area. The whole show beautiful as it is was too spread out and there were some fainting incidents and sirens were heard! As this is the first time using Gardens by the Bay for SGF, hopefully they can improve for the next SGF in 2016, ie if it is to be held in this same location.


Sat: tkx to Les&Ivy for pre-dinner drinks at Pollen@the Dome and dinner at at SuperTree by IndoChine*** Perfect locations after a hot tiring long day! Good to also catch up with Lawrence who is visiting for the weekend from KCH.

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Fun paper chair, mini dome lights, remote-control VW van and a 4pp tent on display.

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Sun: happy to close this 2014 SGF. To Christian, Chris and our neighbour Richard (the heat took its toll), blessed to have these charming men crossing this life’s journey at this stage. Best of luck to all.


Appreciations for the relaxing family champagne and caviar dinner at Les&Ivy. Jo made some food too. To be with family Lawrence, Jo&Michael, Les&Ivy and dear niece Sue is the priority. Safe journeys to us who will be flying off to our various destinations this week… 

IMG_4624One of my favourite displays at the 2014 SGF located at the Meadow/Gardens by the Bay. This simple serenity is pleasing to my eyes…

Life is a succession of lessons which must be lived to be understood – Ralph W Emerson

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