ZOOM in to the AT Photo Contest

15 Jul 2014 – More Like FB Supporters Contest!


Mon: thinking that it was the last day of voting for the AT Photo, but not the case – seems like voting is still ongoing. Winners will be announced the week of July 14. As Garry said, this seems more tedious than hiking the AT! Since I submitted my entry, will follow it thru’ and do my best as I did when hiking the AT thru’-hike.

Tue: appreciations to JohnK in Ireland for informing me that the voting is now closed.

405079_10151090114246971_1663177532_nTo all who voted once or more, sincere thanks for your support and for being such a sport. Without your votes (total 492), ‘A Glint of Paradise – On the AT (Craig Creek, VA) where nature and comradeship are at their best. Photo by Amy LAM (Tiger-Lil), Singapore’s 1st AT Thru-Hiker (2005)’ would not have placed 5th.

This proofs that I do have good FB supporters and need not delete my FB account… LOL

The reasons for choosing this pix is that it is sharper than most in my AT folder, for the colours and the trail marking. The tagline to this Photo Contest was: ZOOM In to the AT Photo Contest.


Agreeing fully with my cousin – ‘This is a strange photo contest. I have viewed all the entries and many of them are just awful photographs. The number of votes have obviously no connection to any artistic merit and whoever wins is the one who can mobilize the most votes from their friends and acquaintances. Odd contest indeed’Lam Kwok-Lock

There were a total of 324 entries with some decent pix but did not get any votes. Those 0 vote entries probably do not have any FB friends!

original_e6bc40018207531cbd28d123739081f7The winner of 1,589 votes ‘Rainbow over McAfee Knob’ by Mark M deserved its placing. ‘A brief but heavy rainstorm hit when my thru hiking partner Mot and I were within a mile of McAfee Knob. But when we got within 1/4 mile of the knob, the sun came out and the skies cleared. I got my first glimpse of the rainbow as I started up the approach trail and immediately started taking pictures. The rainbow faded quickly and this was probably the best photo of it.’

original_2e13837a2936e6e5f1bedd9b1cc688e5Not too sure about the 2nd ‘Kennebec River Ferry Crossing’ by Stephanie M with 1,480 votes! ‘Registered Maine Master Guide, David P. Corrigan waits for hikers on the bank of the Kennebec River in Caratunk, Maine–May 24, 2014. Between now and October 13, 2014 well over 1,000 Appalachian Trail Hikers will cross the Kennebec River using this ferry service.’

Whoever David P and Stephanie M are, they must have many FB supporters!!

original_c609bdca13eb2b77ab1eb520c41afbd33rd ‘Machoosue Ladder’ by Kadra C with 844 votes. ‘As an avid ultrarunner, my husband completed a 71 day thru-run of the trail in 2011. This section of the Mahoosuc range, just south of the Maine border, was one of the many places I was able to enjoy as I hiked in fuel and encouragement to him. The most astounding feature of the trail is the time and effort it takes to build and maintain rugged, steep sections…


Would have voted for the above 3 pix if I did not have to vote my own pix! These pix show that they are on the AT for sure, considering that the title of this contest is: ZOOM in to the AT Photo Contest

Red Road by Peter/29votes – after a few miles past Palmerton mountain. It was raining and foggy, you can see my hiking buddy at the top of the hill, the lighting was just right to let the fallen fir on the ground come alive…

Almost Heaven by Dale/4votes – On the trail near Roan Mountain…

Five Below by James/1vote – Photo taken 18 miles north of Damascus, VA on January 4th, 2014. Let us just say it was cold outside. Camera: iPhone 4S…

Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever… it remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything – Aaron Siskind

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