2014 HCC Group

27 Jun 2014 – Four Days in SIN


Thu: SIN River, lunch at Mama Chin Nonya Café*** Ministry of Culture Community & Youth (Hill Street Police station)

IMG_3678320px-Armenian_Church_9,_Singapore,_Jan_06IMG_3682 - Copy

The Central Fire Station SIN oldest existing fire station (1908),  Armenian Church of Saint Gregory the Illuminator SIN oldest Christian church (1936), The Peranakan Museum 


Campers Corner to say hi to Calvin & Chris and to cool down with a drink. Did not have what I was looking for in their new Chaco stock.


Up up up on the SIN Flyer with a slight haze but still good views – just the 3 of us! The others gave up after Campers Corner!!


Dinner at East Coast Lagoon. Great that Christian could join us fand later sis Jo and niece Sue joined to chat after dinner. Thanks to them for the ride home.

Wed: welcome to SIN cousin David and his HCC group from HI/USA. The smallest group so far since the first guiding of the HCC students in SIN from 2004. Good to catch up with DaveP again. And to the 2 young ladies, hope that their journeys will be good experiences.


From Raffles City to Sin Swee Kee Chicken Rice Restaurant*** A walk underground via CityLink to the Esplanade


These butterflies or moths have been frequently sighted lately, but this is the largest one who was resting at the Leica shop at Raffles Arcade. For a sec, we were all wondering if it was for real.


Underground art décor

John’s flight was half hour delayed from take off due to bad weather, then another hour delay going thru’ immigration! Thank goodness for the  comfortable environment in T3 with good company, a book! Long day but always a relief for safely arriving flights no matter how late.

IMG_3651IMG_3652Tue: one day to space out before more guests tomorrow. Catching up with sewing which is another way for me to chill and  relax. The beautiful fabric from Lawrence when visiting Sarawak is now an outfit.

Happy with my new Brother sewing machine.

Mon: visit from Jennifer and condolences to her and her family for the passing of her dad. Wishing her a safe journey back to Toronto where she lives.

A place that doesn’t welcome tourists, that’s really difficult and off the map, is a place I want to see – Paul Theroux

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