Happy 5th Birthday Sophie

9 Jun 2014 – Kids Say the Darndest Things

Children say whatever is in their mind and some of these precious moments should be written least we forget! Trying to remember some of the others but without much success. Making notes on this recent one which shows that the mind is not only in the present, but also starting to explore the future and consequences.


Was sewing in the screened-in outdoor room. #4 was on the floor playing and poking  on the screens. Told her to stop doing that as the screens are not toys and will break easily. She then placed herself up on the new red sofa and looked into my eyes, ‘can I play with them when you are gone?‘ Difficult as it was, had to keep a straight face and told her that it was up to her mommy and daddy to decide then.


 #4 has the tendency to fall sleep just anywhere as long as she is tired. 2012 we were searching high and low for her and finally found her in the laundry basket! 2013, here she is asleep during their Fri home movie night (in the old burnt-down house), for real! 2014 in this cute little bed which she has outgrown! My Sleeping Beauty 🙂


Early Bday celebrations for Sophie #4, all enjoying their summer activities, especially #5 in the lobster. Tkx to Linn for the pix and stay safe…


This one is from 7yrs Ike/grand-nephew in Chicago. 3 above pix credits to Dika.

Ike: Why can’t I play in the bathroom?

Mark: Because it’s against the rules. When you grow up and live in your own place, you can make up the rules and do what you want.

Ike: Not if I’m married

Thu: rain rain and more rain. Cool and lovely day to read.


Fri: not a favourite morning at NDC. Met up with Peggy & Beng for lunch at New Green Pastures****just for soft and liquid food for me. Thanks for lunch and the company. Good to update our dreams at this stage 🙂 Errands at Tekka and dinner with Seb at BrasBasah Kopitiam. The new Congee stall is quite decent.


Short side-trip to SAM/Arts Museum while in the area and to escape the rain. ‘Unearthed’ attempts to question the relationship with Earth and the natural world!!

10313353_10152173432845967_7110610274244867392_nCampers’ Corner shared a film on running the 100k McLehose Trail in HKG. The best time was under 10hrs – took me 5days to hike it! Beautiful scenes bringing back good memories of the 2012 hike. Made me want to be on a long hike again!

Appreciations to the organisers for this interesting film, not that I can or will ever manage to run 1k, not to say 100k! Good filming with nice scenery.


Sat: this is one of the most constructive and powerful letters written by one of my favourite local writers. It is a long letter but to understand the present situation in SIN, one has to choose one’s words with care and Catherine has eloquently done so here. Thank you Catherine Lim.



Sun: lunch at Bukit Merah View Market & Hawker Centre with Clem. Was told that this food centre is the longest here in SIN! Appreciations to Justin for the best mangos ever. They are from Myanmar and you can only buy them at NTUC Xtra.

Sometimes, a Sunday afternoon needs a whole mango to be kept entirely for oneself, and eaten in one sitting – Alison Pill

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