Happy 60th Morten

1 Jun 2014 – Like Father/John III Like Son/Morten


Sun: Morten was only 14+ when we first crossed paths! This Norwegian uncle to L&M has been gracious and went out of his way to be considerate and had only kind words to me from day 1 to present day. That will never be forgotten – fond and happy memories are always associated with him. Happy 60th, Morten and thank you for crossing this life’s journey. Cheers and enjoy the champagne 🙂


Sat: appreciations to Daisy to be included to Maleficent****A vindictive fairy is driven to curse an infant princess only to realize the child may be the only one who can restore peace. This movie and Frozen have the same interesting concept about the kiss of a true love. Even the Disney movies now are having a different idea as to what true love is about…


Fri: visited with Jo to bro Steven at Bk Merah. He really has quite a green thumb and some of his plants are unusually pretty – the cultivars of the common garden croton (Codiaeum variegatum) is this green plant with heart-shaped dark leafs when they are shoots. Fasciated (crested) pink cultivar of Euphorbia grafted on a common green forma is the cactus with tiny delicate pink flowers on top of the white fan-shaped.  Appreciations to Bian. How wonderful to still have a green view from this concrete jungle city!


A taste of 4 different cakes from Bakery Chef***after a chicken rice dinner, tkx to Sue for dinner. Dark chocolate Praline, colourful Rainbow, Tiramisu and Red Valet Cheesecake. Cakes desserts do not compliment a rich chicken rice dinner!


Needed some colour to cheer me up. Uploaded this pix taken from a street in Burano, near Venice, Italy (tkx to Seb). Shortly after that Hazel posted their delightful summer place from southern Ireland. Then Ting shared this wonderful link. Thank you to all for making my day.


1 Jun – Happy Bday Morten HALD

2 Jun – Happy Bday Kenson KWOK & Richard LEE

4 Jun – Happy Bday Erik KORKOWSKI

6 Jun – Happy Bdays Dika LAM & Harry CHAN

9 Jun – Happy 5th Bday Sophie HALL

15 Jun – Happy Bdays to my father LAM Tin Yue and my children’s grandfather John HALD Sr (both not with us any longer but the two men I have most respect and admiration for).

15 Jun –  Happy Father’s Day

25 Jun – Happy Bdays John LAM, Clement LAM, HUANG

28 Jun – Happy Bdays Jeff HALL, John WILSON & Adriane

30 Jun – Happy Bdays LAM JenMun &  Annie KOH-LAM

I always like to look on the optimistic side of life, but I am realistic enough to know that life is a complex matter – Walt Disney

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