Greetings from S Korea

2 Apr 2013 – Haeundae – Busan/PUS


Sun: after 5hrs 15mins on China Eastern Airlines landed in time from SIN at Shanghai/PVG (above 2 pix uploaded from different sites) with 10hrs layover. Slept on the airport chairs – in spite of the impressive airport, it lacks service and facilities. Paying S$480 SIN-PUS-SIN, one cannot have the best connections! Considering some of the shelters which gave a roof over this tired body over the years, this is luxury 🙂


Mon: breakfast at the PVG airport, one cappuccino and an order of dumplings CNY100 S$20, ouch!!! A full flight on schedule PVG-PUS, 1hr 25mins and tkx to Audrey for meeting me at the airport. 1+hr  on the bus KRW7,000 S$8 to Haeundae.


Busan 부산 area 767.35 km2/296.28 sq mi, pop 4+mil is located on the SE coast of Korea with a complicated history as far back as 300-400AD. Busan is known as the summer capital of Korea since it attracts tourists from all over the country to its six beaches. Luxury hotels and a carnival boardwalk line the beach at Haeundae, the largest beach in Korea, nearby where Audrey lives on the 31st floor with a panoramic view.




Walked on the streets lined with cherry blossoms was such a feast to the eyes. Red camellias and magnolias are also in bloom. Wow wow wow what a treat.

In the cherry blossom’s shade
There’s no such thing as a stranger  – Kobayashi Issa

Apr birthdays:

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21 Apr – Happy Bday Gilbert CHAN

22 Apr – Happy Bday Ike LAM-BOROWSKY

29 Apr – Happy Bday Stanely LAM

30 Apr – Happy Bday JohnWT CHENG

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